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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • 7 Elements of an Ideal Home


    Building a house may be the start to your dream, but making...

  • Challenges and Solutions to Developing a Smart City


    By 2050, around 66% of the world’s population will reside in urban...

  • Optimizing Your Windows: The Significance Of Cross Ventilation


    Even though we have become more energy conscious in the past few...

  • Smart Cities And Their Impact On Our Future


    A survey by the United Nations (UN) has estimated that around 54%...

  • Know Your Door Handles : Enhance The Utility Quotient Of Your Doors With Style


    Doorknobs and handles have been around for centuries. Defining entry points everywhere,...

  • Smart Cities And The Internet Of Things : The Twin Technologies Powering The Future


    The Internet of Things connects cities like never before Smart cities and...

  • Contemporary Window Designs with Air-Tight Seals to Make Your Home Comfortable And Stylish


    You might have come across a lot of home owners who are...

  • What Are Smart Cities? – On The Road To A Smarter India


    The Smart City Concept The definition of a smart city can differ...

  • Designing and Manufacturing Windows for All Needs


    Are you not satisfied with the window designs of your home? If...

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