Fenesta AMC

Fenesta is committed to delivering exceptional products and hassle-free service to its valued customers. There is a constant focus on enhancing customer experience and delivering superior service. To reinforce this commitment, Fenesta has introduced an Annual Maintenance Services (AMC) plan for Fenesta Windows and Doors. T&C

What is covered in my AMC:

  • 2 scheduled visits for periodic maintenance
  • Inspection of all hardware items
  • Checking alignment of fixtures for smooth operation
  • Cleaning & lubrication of the hardware
  • Immediate assistance for emergencies and break-ins
  • Assured repairs using genuine hardware
  • Seamless service at doorstep and access to Fenesta's well-established service network 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AMC?

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract or Annual Maintenance Charge) is an annual charge for the maintenance of Fenesta’s Windows and Doors.

What are the benefits of Fenesta’s AMC plan?
    • 2 scheduled visits for periodic maintenance of your Fenesta windows and doors which will include, checking and inspection of all Hardware Items and recommend for general servicing or for replacement
    • Checking the alignment of doors and windows for proper functionality and smooth operation of moving parts
    • Cleaning & lubricating necessary hardware items with Fenesta recommended cleaning agent only.
    • Immediate unlimited assistance in case of any breakages or stuck in any emergency situation related to your Fenesta windows and doors
    • Assurance of repairs using genuine hardware at discounted rates
What is the objective of Fenesta’s AMC plan?

The experience of installing Fenesta Windows & Doors extends beyond exceptional product performance and a hassle free end to end service. We are always looking for ways to offer services that reinforce our commitment to our valued customers.

Our newly launched AMC plan for your Fenesta Windows and Doors is yet another step towards our endeavor to provide an ownership experience coupled with absolute peace of mind. The AMC plan is dedicated to providing our customers with the type of professionalism and efficient preventive service required to make your windows and doors even more long lasting & durable.

Why should I purchase an AMC when I’ve already invested in a premium brand like Fenesta?

Fenesta is a one-stop solution for all your window and door needs. Our products are sturdy, durable and meant for the Indian climatic conditions. All Fenesta products come with a 10 year warranty on profile and one year warranty on Hardware. Our window installation professionals come with an experience of more than 4 million installations across 4 lac homes.

We take pride in our product and service and our quality standards are unmatched in the industry. But the performance of every product (to some extent- either big or small) depends on the handling and upkeep of the product.

While we regularly invest in AMCs for our consumer durables or household appliances, we tend to ignore the upkeep and regular maintenance of our windows and doors. Windows and doors are the most integral part of our homes - they don’t just beautify our abode, but open the view to the outside world and secure our house.
Our AMC plan is simply an extension of our service to ensure preventive maintenance by-

  • Guaranteeing that certified technicians will frequently clean and maintain your windows & doors for you. This will keep them in good working order and help you prevent future expensive repairs
  • Drawing out a maintenance schedule for you by following effective and organised timelines so that there’s one less thing for you to worry about
  • Letting you be at peace knowing that your windows and doors are receiving the required maintenance
What is the validity of the AMC

This contract is valid for one year from the date of payment and issuance of AMC

How do I make the payment ?

The payment is to be made directly to Fenesta by scanning the QR code on the Quote copy or by drawing a cheque in favour of Fenesta Building Systems.