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Fenesta's Thermal Break Lift and Slide Aluminium Door is an innovative range of thermal break aluminium doors has a door profile that ensures superior heat insulation through an extra layer of Nylon: Polyamide within the profile. The Thermal Break Lift and Slide Aluminium Door These aluminium doors work with in an easy gliding motion on feather touch rollers to offer complete convenience during use - a robust yet aesthetic solution. if you seek weather-resistant doors.

From the Fenesta offers a range of ultra-luxury series, and designer aluminium sliding doors that are designed to offer a number of benefits. One of the latest additions in our portfolio, aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors offer a high level of flexibility in construction owing to their profile stiffness. For high-rise buildings that are vulnerable against high-velocity winds, the thermal break lift and slide doors by Fenesta can be fitted with hurricane protection, which gives the door profile added structural strength and resistance to handle high-speed winds of up to 3000 pascals. Besides protecting the indoors from wind and maintaining indoor room temperature, aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors insulate noise and dust very efficiently Additionally, with feather touch inox rollers enabling smooth operation, using these doors is completely effortless.
The innovative range of aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors by Fenesta has been designed with door profiles that include an extra layer of Nylon: Polyamide to ensures superior heat insulation. These aluminium sliding doors are made using thermally efficient, slim, and strong materials that offer an array of advantages. Besides protecting the indoors from wind, harsh weather conditions, and ambient outdoor noise, the doors are more hard wearing. These doors make less contact with weather strips, resulting in reduced friction as the door sits directly on top of its tracks when being opened, as opposed to within the tracks like traditional sliding doors.
With a host of benefits to offer, the aluminium lift and slide doors by Fenesta can be seamlessly integrated into your living or working environment, creating a sense of amazing open space as they remove the barriers between the interiors and the natural surroundings outside.
Fenesta’s thermal break lift and slide doors are manufactured using aluminium alloy with a polyester powder coating. The doors are not only pleasing for the eyes but also offer complete peace of mind in terms of security and durability. They are a robust yet aesthetic solution if you are looking for weather-resistant doors.

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Features & Benefits

Large aperture sizes (up to 4m height and 350 Kgs sash weight). Resistance to high speed winds up to 3000 Pa. Child safety mechanism with dampener. High level of thermal sound insulation.

About Lift &

The lift and slide mechanism, as the name suggests, lifts the door onto its tracks when it is opened, instead of having it slide within the tracks like conventional sliding doors. Fenesta offers a wide range of aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors that are designed with utmost precision to offer numerous benefits. The innovative design of these doors offers a large glass surface area that provides uninterrupted views of the other side while thermal break door profile ensures high energy efficiency. The doors are also suitable for large aperture sizes of up to 4 metres height and have a sash weight of up to 350 kgs. They also offer impressive resistance against high-speed winds of speeds of up to 3000 Pa.

The Advantages of Fenesta’s Aluminium Thermal break Lift and Slide Doors
Fenesta manufactures its range of thermal break lift and slide doors using aluminium alloy, which is considered to be one of the best materials for making building fitments, thanks to its durability and design flexibility. Aluminium has been used as a building material for a long time and is well-known for its sturdiness and easy maintenance. At Fenesta, you can choose from a variety of colours and designs to customise the doors, which when coupled with the metallic sheen and sleek appearance of aluminium, make it easy for you to find the  a perfect match for your building’s architecture and design. Some of Here are the best benefits offered by our aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors include:
Flexible yet tough design
Aesthetic appeal
Energy efficiency
Easy installation
Low maintenance
Optimum space utilisation
Environment friendly
Resistance to moisture
Resistance against tough weather situations
Insulation to noise and dust
Fenesta is India’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions for doors and windows. At Fenesta, you can explore an extensive range of aluminium sliding doors that have been designed in keeping with the highest quality standards, using world-class technology, to ensure our customers have access to nothing but the best.

Did You Know?

When you shop for lift and slide doors with Fenesta, you shop for nothing less than the best. One of the immediate benefits of the lift and slide door installation that you will observe is the unequivocal ease of opening and closing the doors. What’s more, lift and slide glass doors by Fenesta bring in a voguish charm to your house and are some of the best lift and slide doors available in the Indian fenestration market. Quality designs are complemented by superior construction practices courtesy of fenestration experts and the best of manufacturing equipment at Fenesta. As the leading lift and slide door manufacturers in the country, we make sure to offer unmatched durability for our lift and slide doors in India while also being cost-effective. Another aspect that our doors excel at, apart from superior construction, excellent durability, and chic designs, is security. Owing to the exceptional construction and use of the best materials, doors by Fenesta offer an enhanced security aspect, which makes the cost of the lift and slide doors completely worth the expense. All lift and slide door designs by Fenesta also ensure ultimate sound proofing creating a comfortable ambience inside the home.

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