Aluminium Lift
& Slide Doors

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Aluminium  Lift and Slide Doors as the name suggests "lift" off their track when you turn the handle and smoothly slide open. When closed, the door creates an airtight seal with the track that helps to prevent drafts and improves energy efficiency.

Overall,  Aluminium  Lift and Slide Doors are a great choice for homeowners who want to maximize their indoor-outdoor living space while also enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency and weather resistance. They are highly durable, sturdy, and easy to maintain. Lift and slide doors are available in different designs that would enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. 



Available Design


Features & Benefits

Large aperture sizes (up to 4m height and 350 Kgs sash weight). Resistance to high speed winds up to 3000 Pa. Child safety mechanism with dampener. High level of thermal and sound insulation.

About Lift & Slide

The lift and slide mechanism, as the name suggests, lifts the door from its track when it is opened, instead of having it slide within the tracks like conventional sliding doors. Fenesta offers a wide range of aluminium thermal break lift and slide doors that are designed with utmost precision to offer numerous benefits. The innovative design of these doors offers a large glass surface area that provides uninterrupted views of the other side while the thermal break door profile ensures high energy efficiency. The doors are also suitable for large aperture sizes of up to 4 metres height and have a sash weight of up to 350 kg. They also offer impressive resistance against high-speed winds of up to 3000 Pa.

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