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Sliding doors are equipped with two or more sashes that are placed on tracks that allow the doors to slide horizontally. The sliding mechanism can either go from left to right or vice-versa, depending upon the installation and when the doors are placed upon their tracks, the sliders can either be placed at the top of the door or at the bottom. Sliding doors are installed parallel to the walls and generally have two panel sections, where one of the panel sections is fixed and the other is moveable.

Fenesta’s range of uPVC sliding doors is robust and requires very less maintenance thanks to the sturdiness and durability. You can also choose to install Fenesta’s sliding doors at offices, for they promise to impart a great first impression to anyone who visits, and they do not require a lot of efforts when it comes to maintaining their new-like appearance. The construction of these doors ensures that they can stand strong against radiation and climate changes year after year. This again helps in reducing the maintenance costs of the sliding doors as well.

Some notable features of the sliding door range by Fenesta is that these doors also come with a multi-chamber system that helps in enhancing the heat and sound insulation properties. Fenesta’s uPVC sliding doors also come with rain tracks and sill insulation to protect the doors from the effects of rain. Then, when it comes to security for your home, the uPVC sliding doors come with multi-point locking systems, a double toughened glass, as well as uPVC frame grills, which work to make sure that no burglar can break into your home.

Fenesta’s uPVC sliding doors have a number of features that offer cutting-edge advantages. With Fenesta, you also have the option of choosing uPVC sliding door designs that are wider and taller, which may involve the addition of more uPVC sliding sashes, if required. At Fenesta, we believe in prioritising the requirements of our clients and make sure that all their needs and requirements are met.



Features & Benefits

Sliding doors by Fenesta offer numerous aesthetically appealing fixtures. uPVC sliding doors keep the internal temperature of the home regulated. The doors are highly energy efficient. uPVC sliding doors by Fenesta are designed with sound insulation properties. Doors are fusion welded and designed with silicone sealant and laminated glass. At Fenesta, only high-quality materials are used for the manufacturing of the doors. uPVC sliding doors require minimal maintenance. The doors are robust and sturdy, suitable for all regions in the country. The installation of sliding doors by Fenesta also ensures an improved security aspect.

About Sliding

One of the most preferred styles that people opt for today are sliding doors. The design of a sliding door is crafted in such a way that it offers unhindered access and doesn’t take up too much space. As the functioning of sliding doors is effortless and noiseless, the mechanism of sliding doors is also often referred to as the Silent System.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with a wide range of elegant sliding doors by Fenesta. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality uPVC sliding doors in India. All our doors are engineered with extreme precision and care. The use of top-notch materials and new-age techniques for the crafting and designing of our doors have helped us become the preferred choice for fenestration in India.

Did You Know?



One of the most common variants of sliding doors is the Bypass Door. These doors are designed with two or more sections. Bypass doors can slide from one direction to the other along the axis on parallel tracks, which are placed overhead. Bypass doors can be installed at various places, but the most common installation is done for closets, or what is also known as sliding door wardrobes.


Touted as one of the most convenient styles, this variant of the uPVC sliding door is designed to disappear into the wall. The doors, when fully opened, disappear inside a wall-cavity which is why they are known as pocket doors. These sliding doors are best suited for kitchens that have less space. However, these doors can prove to be highly efficient in bedrooms and other places as well where you have less room. For pocket doors, the rollers or sliders are suspended either from an overhead track or are fixed at the feature tracks along the floor. A single track or a 2-track sliding door can be installed depending on the width of the entrance.


These are sliding glass doors that are generally used as the entrance door to a backyard. These doors are large glass windows that provide access to the outdoors. Arcadia doors are also referred to as balcony sliding doors because of where they are mostly installed. Since these doors are quite large, they also allow ample natural light and fresh air into your home when opened. The Arcadia sliding glass doors for the balcony are designed as a single unit, which generally has two panel sections. The moveable panel is called the active leaf and the fixed side is called the inactive leaf. With the unique features and benefits offered, the prices of these sliding glass doors are quite reasonable.


Yet another type of sliding door is the French Doors. Though people don’t generally imagine French doors to be sliding doors, with the many advancements in door manufacturing, at Fenesta, you can easily find the perfect design for stylish sliding French doors that certainly add grace to space.

Some other variants of sliding doors include the folding sliding glass doors, patio sliding doors, barn sliding doors, and more. Apart from the double-track uPVC sliding doors, Fenesta also has a range of 3-track uPVC sliding doors and 4-track sliding doors. You can also browse through our collection of uPVC sliding doors for the bathroom or kitchen, based on your needs. At Fenesta, you can peruse our range uPVC sliding doors, at the best prices in India. Being the leading manufacturer of sliding doors, we ensure that you get nothing but the best in products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uPVC sliding door?

uPVC sliding doors from Fenesta are the best option if you want to install sliding doors in your home but have less space. It offers noiseless, effortless and unhindered operation of sliding system. They maintain the internal temperature of the home and offer effective sound insulation. These sliding doors are fusion welded and designed with silicone sealant and laminated glass which makes them low-maintenance in nature.

How much does a uPVC sliding door cost?

uPVC sliding doors from Fenesta do not require much maintenance. These type of windows are robust and sturdy and offer a long life. uPVC sliding doors cost depends on the type of doors you choose, such as bypass, pocket or sliding French doors, as well as on the mesh, handles and colours etc. Get an accurate price quote for the actual cost of uPVC sliding doors based on your specific needs.

Are uPVC sliding doors good?

Fenesta’s range of uPVC sliding doors is robust and requires little maintenance. They offer improved quality, noise insulation, sturdy construction and are energy efficient which makes them extremely good for use.

What is a standard size of uPVC sliding door?

One of the most popular designs in uPVC sliding door is the Pocket door design. These are designed to hide the profile in the wall cavity when fully opened, giving an unobstructed view of the exterior. The standard uPVC sliding door includes a single track or a 2-track sliding mechanism.

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