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If you are on the lookout for an internal door, a balcony door, or any other door type in India, then the vast collection of high-quality uPVC doors by Fenesta is sure to meet your needs and preferences. Fenesta offers an exquisite range of designs in uPVC doors that include everything from casement and traditional sliding doors to the popular and contemporary lift-and-slide, bi-fold, and other doors. 

Along with the option to choose the design of the uPVC doors, Fenesta also offers a wide-range of door styles, colours, glass types, and handles that allow you to customize the doors according to the aesthetics and style of your space.

Product Styles

Features & Benefits

Our high-performance doors add an architectural dimension to your space. They keep out street noise, dust, pollution, rain and gale force
winds. At the same time, they are energy efficient, low maintenance, and long-lasting.


Fenesta uPVC products are offered in three different series, namely – Premium, Luxury, and Super Luxury. Based on the aperture size, insulation requirement, wind load, aesthetic value, and design requirements, you can select the series that is well-suited to your requirements.


Super Luxury

Complement the architecture of your home with the contemporary and ultra-modern designs that are offered under the Super Luxury Series by Fenesta. A collection of the most luxurious windows and doors ...



The Luxury Series by Fenesta is a collection of windows and doors that offer enhanced safety, aesthetics, and convenience. Showcasing an amalgamation of elegant designs, functionality, and performance...



Offering unparalleled quality, brilliant designs, ease of installation, and value for money to ensure customer delight, the Premium Series is a collection of value-priced windows and doors that are de...



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right uPVC door for my house?

Choosing the right uPVC door for your house is quite an easy process with Fenesta. All you need to do is book a free consultation with us and our team will provide you with the required assistance. Our fenestration experts will be able to guide you through the selection process based on the consultation, your preferences and budget.

Will a coloured uPVC door fade in a matter of years?

A coloured uPVC door is unlike any other coloured door available in the market. Usually, a door is coloured by coating or painting. But with uPVC doors, this is not the case. The profile that is used has a lamination of colours. Due to this, coloured uPVC doors don’t fade away. However, you will have to be careful to not use chemicals while cleaning these doors otherwise you may see some differences in the colour.

What are the options available for handles and glasses with uPVC doors?

There are several options available in uPVC doors however, choosing the right uPVC door handle or glass that matches with your space depend on your interior. Here are some of the most popular options: Handle Options:

The options include Bi-Fold, In-Line, Flush single, Offset, D-handle, Patio flush, Pull handle, Scroll door, DSC, and Offset Villa.

Glass Options: You can choose from the array of glasses, which include; clear glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, and laminated glass.

Are uPVC doors water-resistant?

Yes, uPVC doors are water-resistant. This is one of the biggest advantages they offer over doors made with other materials.

What types of doors can I buy at Fenesta?

You can choose from different types of uPVC doors, such as sliding doors, casement doors, Slide & Fold doors, Lift & Slide doors, and designer doors. We offer the best price for uPVC doors in India and you can rest assured that you will get only the best product in the end. So, you do not have to worry about the uPVC door frame price or any other costs when you opt for uPVC doors by Fenesta.

Why should I go for Fenesta’s uPVC doors?

You get multiple benefits when you choose Fenesta’s uPVC doors. For instance, these doors require less maintenance, are long-lasting, provide weather resistance, are not prone to rust, are rot-resistant, and provide noise and energy insulation, complete with an energy-efficient design. On top of this, the end product that you get when you choose Fenesta is extremely high on quality, performance, and precision.

Does Fenesta offer personalised installation?

Each installation is handled by a professional installation team. Fenesta offers personalized installation in homes and an expert team carries the job out really quickly with minimal disturbance. The doors are custom-made for each order, base on precise measurements that are taken by our experts at the site of installation.

Does Fenesta offer special sized doors?

Fenesta make correctly sized doors to fit your space seamlessly. If you wish to get custom sized products, you can talk to a Fenesta representative regarding the same. You always can rely on us for the best doors for your home or office.

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About Fenesta uPVC Doors

Irrespective of whether you choose uPVC doors for your house or office or any other establishment, you will definitely enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Apart from elevating the look of a room, Fenesta’s uPVC doors for homes, offices, and other establishments provide a number of benefits as well. uPVC doors are well-known for their durability and ease of usage. They are also energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.

uPVC doors are ideal for a balcony as well, because a material like uPVC ensures weather resistance and prevents rain, air pollution, or dust from coming in.

Being the pioneer in the design, production, set-up, and service of completely customized uPVC doors, Fenesta has become the best uPVC door company in India. From large to small uPVC doors, Fenesta guarantees that you will get only the highest quality products. Fenesta offers high quality uPVC windows and doors which are available in a variety of colours, glass options and styles, that allows you to select the one that is best suited for your requirements and preferences.