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  • Weather  Resistant

    Weather Resistant

    Fenesta doors and windows are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and high-velocity storm winds and to block rainwater seepage. Made using powder-coated aluminium (lightweight with a high strength-to-density ratio) and uPVC (Fenesta’s proprietary formulation with special additives), the products retain their shape, colour, and lustre for long even when exposed to temperature variations or intense UV radiations. With negligible thermal expansion/contraction and very low thermal conductivity, the materials deliver superior performance, excellent energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

  • Tested By National  & International Laboratories

    Tested By National & International Laboratories

    Reputed institutes like British Standards Institutions (BSI - UK), Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT - Ahmedabad), Central Building Research Institute (CBRI - Roorkee), Shriram Institute of Industrial Research (SIIR - New Delhi) have tested Fenesta products for weather resistance, sound and thermal insulation, tensile strength and several other parameters

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  • Tested For Tropical  Conditions

    Tested For Tropical Conditions

    While other window solution providers import profiles, which might not be suited for tropical climatic conditions, Fenesta manufactures it own profiles (and windows), keeping in mind the extreme weather fluctuations in these regions. In fact, Fenesta is the only company in the country which manufactures doors and windows that are designed and simulated for wind loads of different cities, building height and topography.


  • World Class  Manufacturing

    World Class Manufacturing

    Fenesta has one extrusion plant and six state of the art fabrication units which follow international quality standards to design and manufacture premium windows and doors. Fenesta is the recipient of the British Sword of Honour for its unblemished safety record. Fenesta is also registered to ISO 45001:2018 and recognised throughout the world for its commitment to quality.

  • Customised Hardware Engineered For Tropical Conditions

    Customised Hardware Engineered For Tropical Conditions

    Every little detail has a quality stamp. All the hardware and accessories are specially designed and customised to meet strict norms and standards for best performance under harsh tropical conditions. Fenesta is the only company in the world that makes use of stainless steel hardware for its windows and doors. At Fenesta, there is a great focus on even the finer details so that you get the best.

  • Fusion Welded Joints

    Fusion Welded Joints

    Unlike traditional windows and doors, joints in Fenesta uPVC windows and doors are fusion welded. It enhances the insulation and ensures that the windows and doors are leak proof.

  • Multi-Point Locking

    Multi-Point Locking

    Fenesta offers multiple-point locking system which improves the overall sealing and further enhances the sound and thermal insulation of the windows and doors. It ensures proper distribution of weight and helps maintain the structural integrity of the windows and doors. Fenesta also provides special hardware options for its casement windows and doors to increase the security.

  • Steel Reinforcement

    Steel Reinforcement

    Fenesta windows and doors are specifically designed to withstand the wind loads of each city, building height, and topography. Zinc-coated steel reinforcement is fitted in each window and door to ensure the desired strength and preventing warping and deterioration of the frame. This reinforcement also deflects external pressures generated by strong winds and heavy rainfall, ensuring the windows and doors remain intact.

  • Patented Rain Track System & Sill Arrangement

    Patented Rain Track System & Sill Arrangement

    Fenesta windows are equipped with a special drainage system that prevents the rain water from seeping in.

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  • Hurricane Bar

    Hurricane Bar

    Fenesta windows and windows come with an option to be strengthened with an additional Galvanized Iron member 'Hurricane Bar' to withstand heavy wind loads upto 3000pascals.

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  • Villa Window

    Villa Window

    Fenesta introduced the first UPVC dual sash window concept in the world featuring a bug sash, a glass sash and a grill fitted in between the two on the same UPVC frame. It helps protect you from theft and insects without sacrificing on the fresh air

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