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Contemporary, sophisticated, robust, and easy-to-use – that is what aluminium windows stand for. These windows with their ability to withstand all climatic changes have made their way onto everyone’s list in recent times. Fenesta is one of the largest and leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality aluminium windows in India. We offer a fine range of windows that are designed to deliver a minimalist and ultra-modern style statement to your space.

Our range of aluminium windows is worth its price as they are sturdy and long-lasting. From offering styles ranging from casement to tilt and turn and sliding windows, we offer an array of premium aluminium window designs, which ensures that our customers can find the designs that best suit their requirements. With slimmer frames and widths, our windows not only offer more glass area but also set a tone that helps in the creation of brilliant spaces.

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Product Styles

Features & Benefits

Fenesta’s range of aluminium window frames and designs not only add an architectural edge to your space but also offer great performance and functionality. The windows are designed with premium quality material, which keeps out dust, pollution, noise, gale-force winds, and many such external factors from the interiors of your home or office spaces. Adding to this, our range of aluminium windows also requires very little maintenance, are energy efficient, and are built to last.


At Fenesta, we understand your requirements and preferences. We offer our range of aluminium window designs in three distinct series, namely Premium, Luxury, and Super Luxury, which gives our customers the flexibility of choice. Depending on the wind load, size of aperture, design and insulation requirements, aesthetic value, and price of the aluminium window frames, you can choose the series that is most suitable for your needs.



The Luxury Series by Fenesta is a collection of windows and doors that offer enhanced safety, aesthetics, and convenience. Showcasing an amalgamation of elegant designs, functionality, and performance...


Super Luxury

Complement the architecture of your home with the contemporary and ultra-modern designs that are offered under the Super Luxury Series by Fenesta. A collection of the most luxurious windows and doors ...


Ultra Luxury

Create spectacular living spaces where your living or working environment effortlessly coalesces into the surrounding outdoors with almost no barriers between nature and you. Borne of Fenesta’s ...


Premium Pro

Strenuous Indian weather conditions call for robust door and window installations of the highest quality standards. The Premium Pro Series by Fenesta is aimed to accomplish this through the best raw m...



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Fenesta for my windows?

Fenesta is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium windows in India, offering premium quality products. We have a range of windows that offer thermal insulation, noise insulation, and require very little maintenance. With Fenesta products, not only do you get aesthetically appealing windows, but also high durability and sturdiness.

Can aluminium windows be installed in the kitchen?

Our products are designed to suit all the interior spaces of your house. We have specially crafted aluminium window designs for the kitchen, which are designed with properties that offer you the ease of maintenance and operation.

Are the windows by Fenesta customizable?

Being one of the leading manufacturers of the best quality aluminium window frames, we make sure that our customers have the flexibility of choosing products based on their requirements. We don’t have standard measurements for the windows or readymade aluminium windows. Our installation team visits the client site, measures the dimensions of the aperture, and only then our designers get to work. Small or large, with Fenesta, every window is specially manufactured and can be customised according to your needs.

What are the types of aluminium windows that I can buy online?

At Fenesta, you have access to a lot of designs and varieties in windows. Under the aluminium windows design section, you can choose from sliding, casement, and tilt and turn windows. You can book an appointment with our fenestration experts for consultation regarding the same

What are some of the standard benefits of aluminium windows?

Fenesta’s aluminium windows are soundproof, fire-rated, protect against the storms, and offer thermal break properties. Apart from these, our range of aluminium windows comes with grill designs, multiple locking points, and mesh options for enhanced security.

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About Fenesta Aluminium Windows

One of the best things about installing aluminium windows is that they can be used in any room or space. These windows are designed to bring out an enhanced aesthetic appeal for your house or office space. Aluminium windows by Fenesta not only spruce up a space but also offer a huge number of advantages. The plethora of designs available in aluminium glass windows are made to enhance the entire façade of your corporate or residential spaces. Our range of windows is energy efficient and offers better protection from the elements. Given the features and benefits that the products come with, the cost of aluminium window frames offers great value for your money. The windows are highly durable and require very little maintenance.

Fenesta doesn’t compromise on quality. All the products go through a rigorous quality assurance check and are even tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure that the charming coloured aluminium windows don’t peel or fade with time. Our latest aluminium window designs are built to bring in a sophisticated and chic look to your home and office spaces. Adding to this, the windows are also resistant to corrosion and decay, which makes them highly durable. Because the windows are energy-efficient, they also help maintain the internal temperature of the room consistently.

These modern aluminium window designs are a popular choice for the balcony, bathroom, and bedroom as well because of their low requirement for maintenance and for their ability to keep external elements at bay. At Fenesta, you can also find double glazed aluminium window frames at cost-effective rates. These windows help in keeping the interiors of the home cool even when the temperatures reach their peak.

We, at Fenesta, offer a wide range of aluminium windows at best prices that are designed to spruce up your home and office interiors. Some of the most preferred window designs offered by Fenesta include –

1. Sliding Windows
One of the most sophisticated and elegant types of windows for any home are the sliding windows. In addition to their residential use, these windows are a great choice for corporate spaces as well. Fenesta offers aluminium windows with the lightest sliding system, which offers optimum functionality. We have options in 2 and 3 track aluminium windows as well that you can select as per your requirements. These windows are designed to offer sleek aesthetics and work well with many building architectural styles.

Some of the benefits of sliding aluminium windows for homes and office spaces are –

They work well with all types of architecture

Support glazing options from 0.004m to 0.021m

Offer an unobstructed view

Prevent dust, pollution, and noise from infiltrating the home

An interlock sightline of 0.032 m

2. Casement Windows
Yet another aluminium window frame design by Fenesta that is a popular choice are the casement windows. These windows are said to be a contemporary take on a classic design and are built to exhibit a simple yet chic look. The fabrication of these aluminium windows is done to give you an unhindered view and a hassle-free maintenance process. These windows are easy to open and are available in different designs, from which our customers can select the one that suits their space the best. They are a perfect choice for homeowners as well as corporate space owners as these windows can enhance the aesthetics of any space effortlessly.

You can find aluminium casement window frames at the best prices at Fenesta and harness their numerous benefits, which include –

Triple-layer sealing

Multiple locking points for enhanced security

Insulation against seepage, which means that the drip bar does not allow water inside the home

Excellent frame width and can be used on a slim aperture as well

Options in single, double, or triple glazed aluminium windows

3. Tilt and Turn Windows
One of the most versatile aluminium window designs for house or office interiors is the tilt and turn windows. These windows are designed to bring out an appealing edge to your interior space. Fenesta’s tilt and turn aluminium windows are built with a plethora of enhanced features that offer you ease of operation. You can tilt the frame for controlled ventilation as well as open it conventionally. Along with keeping up with the style quotient, Fenesta also believes effortless functionality.

Some of the benefits that these contemporary aluminium windows are designed with include –

Draft-free ventilation

Protection against rain

Allows in ample sunlight

Noise insulation properties

Designed with triple sealing


Fenesta, as one of the leading aluminium window dealers in India, has received a lot of accolades, not only for its high-quality products but also for its top-notch services. Ever since the establishment of the company, Fenesta has managed to garner attention for all the right reasons. The organisation has been able to establish a niche for itself as a leading manufacturer of all-weather and all-style aluminium windows in the market. In addition to this, Fenesta also offers other high-quality building fixtures and products that are designed to give your space an enhanced look. The company has specially crafted these windows for the Indian population, keeping in mind the diverse Indian weather conditions. Fenesta products like premium quality aluminium windows for residential and corporate installation are robust and can withstand all weather changes very easily. In addition, the team at Fenesta also ensures that you don’t face any issues while installing the windows and assist you throughout from selecting a design and calculating the price of the aluminium window per square (sq.) feet (ft.) to installation and services. At Fenesta, we not only assist you in selecting the ideal product(s) from our range but also help in fitting these aluminium windows at the site.

Pre-Order Services
While selecting windows for your home or office space, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. At Fenesta, we understand this and offer services that are touted to be par excellence by our customers. You can easily avail the services of our fenestration experts for your requirements regarding aluminium windows online at great prices. We offer a wide variety of styles and international designs along with amazing colour, finish, and glazing options for aluminium windows. This gives our customers the flexibility to choose the product that best suits their requirements perfectly. Fenesta offers best-in-class services to its customers and makes sure that no compromise has been made on the quality of products. You can either get in touch with our customer care executives or visit our exclusive showrooms to know more about our aluminium window designs for homes and corporate spaces.

After Sales Services from Fenesta
At Fenesta, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. Our services are not limited to only the installation of your new windows. We have a dedicated team that understands our customers’ needs and strives to offer the best services even after installation. We offer after-sales services to our customers and make sure that all their queries are addressed to the best of our efforts. We have a 365-day customer support team that is trained in every aspect, which helps us serve our clients better. Any problem you face with your new aluminium window designs, our team is there to assist you.