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Aluminium casement windows by Fenesta are simple yet stylish. Adding a contemporary spin on a classic design, Fenesta’s aluminium casement windows are easily openable and have smooth functionality. These windows offer an unhindered view of the outdoors and have slowly become the preferred choice of numerous customers.

Fenesta is an established aluminium windows manufacturer in India offering completely customised high-quality aluminium casement windows that not only add to the aesthetics of your space but come with a lot of benefits like energy efficiency, noise insulation, rainwater insulation and dust insulation.

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Aluminium casement windows come with triple sealing. The windows come with multi-point locking which help maintain the shape of the window. They offer insulation against rainwater, dust, storm, noise and are energy efficient.

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Fenesta's Aluminium casement window designs are the preferred choice of customers because of their functionality and style. Fenesta's aluminium casement windows are strong, built to last, and allow ease of maintenance. You will be assured of a high quality product and superior service with Fenesta.

From the design and manufacture to the installation and service of aluminium windows, Fenesta offers windows that not only elevate the style quotient of your space but are built to last. Having established itself as the best aluminium casement windows manufacturer, Fenesta is a brand you can trust to get windows tailored to your specific requirements. Fenesta offers you the flexibility to choose the colour, handle, mesh, and glass for your window which you can personalise based on the décor of your room. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is aluminium casement window?

An aluminium casement window has sashes attached to the case like structure with hinges. They come with an apparatus like safety hooks or hinges to keep the window frame in place, especially during strong winds. Such windows are mostly preferred for an unhindered outside view and better ventilation.

Are aluminium casement windows expensive?

Aluminium casement windows are available at the best price with Fenesta. Besides, our high quality standards, precision engineering, and a wide range of options make them a complete value for money. To know more about the price of our aluminium casement windows, you can send in an online query through our website.

Are aluminium casement windows better than aluminium sliding window?

Both Aluminium sliding windows and casement windows are an excellent choice for your home or office. They are known for their high performance, efficiency, aesthetic appeal, ventilation, safety and durability. With Fenesta, you get a variety of choices based on designs and colours to match your requirements.

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