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The bay window design refers to a combination of three or more windows which are projected outwards from the main wall, forming a bay in a room. A bay window adds a sense of elegance to any room. These windows can be crafted into square, polygon, semi-hexagonal, or semi-octagonal bays. Known for their functionality and attractive designs, bay windows are said to be one of the most sophisticated window styles. Today, designers have come up with many types of bay windows, the beauty of which is par excellence.

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The installation of a bay window adds extra space to your room. They also offer better ventilation. These uPVC Bay Windows are UV resistant, weather-resistant, termite proof and require very less maintenance. These types of windows offer sound insulation, are long-lasting, corrosion resistant, and do not fade. uPVC bay windows are energy-efficient and extremely safe and secure. 

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The myriad styles in uPVC bay windows are enough to spruce up your home. As there are many different types of bay windows available, you can choose the style you want accordingly. Firstly, there is the ‘Box Bay Windows’, which are designed in the shape of boxes (squares) where the window consists of a set of three panes, and the bay so formed is further covered by a small roof. Another type of bay window is the ‘Circle Bay Window’. With a height of approximately 6 feet and an outward extension, these windows offer great views, more light, and are covered with a roof as well. The last type of bay windows is ‘Oriel Bay’, which is among the most popular types of bay window designs. These windows are generally found in the upper storeys of buildings and reflect a distinct architectural style.

Among the leading bay window manufacturers, Fenesta offers premium quality products that are designed for function as well as aesthetics. Fenesta offers bay windows for both large and small rooms. Right from the selection of your window to the installation of the uPVC bay windows, our team of fenestration experts will assist you at every single step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a uPVC bay window cost?

The cost of a uPVC bay window depends on a lot of factors. The site where it is to be installed and the size of the aperture at the site are some of the primary factors taken into consideration as they have a significant impact on the overall cost. Then there are elements like the choice of glass, grill and mesh options, the design chosen, and much more that needs to be taken into consideration. For an estimate of how much a uPVC bay window will cost you, you can schedule a free consultation with our fenestration experts who will also be able to guide you in selecting the best solution for your requirement.

Are Bay Windows worth it?

Considered as a luxurious addition to your home or office, uPVC bay windows make quite a style statement. They allow in more natural light, help create a sense of space in the room, increase ventilation, enhance the aesthetics of the façade, and do much more, which makes it absolutely worth it to install uPVC bay windows. The prices of these windows vary with the elements and design you opt for, but with the aesthetic value they bring, and the numerous benefits offered by uPVC, like thermal and sound insulation, better security, durability, etc., the prices of uPVC bay windows are well worth it.

Which one is more expensive: bay or bow windows?

Whether you choose a bay or bow window, you are adding a unique aesthetic element to your home. A bow window is very much like a bay window, but has more than three panels, as are common for bay windows. The increased number of panels generally make bow windows more expensive as compared to bay windows. Whether you’re still trying to make a choice between a bay or bow window or you need some help in choosing the designs, you can schedule a free consultation with the fenestration experts at Fenesta who can aid your decision-making process. We'll help you choose the most suitable solution for your home or office.

Do I need to worry if I am installing a uPVC bay window?

When you buy a uPVC bay window from Fenesta, you do not have to worry about installation. We have a team of trained fenestration experts who work with your architects to provide you the best solution for your home. Our team visits the site to take exact measurements of your window apertures before the uPVC bay window is manufactured. At the time of delivery, the team installs the window at the site in quick time, ensuring minimal disturbance.

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