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The corner slider door range by Fenesta is perfect for turning your cosy little nooks or alcoves into beautiful balconies and exciting garden spaces. Fenesta has a variety of uPVC corner slider doors that are voguish in design and extremely durable in construction. These corner slider doors fit seamlessly into contemporary spaces, adding to their aesthetic appeal while allowing for maximum natural light to seep in. Fenesta’s uPVC corner slider doors are manufactured to perfection by a team of highly skilled experts. Utilising the exact measurements of the aperture where they are to be installed at your house, the manufacture of custom-made corner slider doors and their installation becomes a breeze for our experts. Counted among the most premium door designs in the market, the cost of corner slider doors in India is based on the design and style you choose and on the size of the door that has to be installed.



Features & Benefits

These doors are perfect for facilitating an open space design. They allow for a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. They make a room seem more spacious. Increase the amount of natural light that gets into the room. Multi-point locking enhances the security aspect. Offers a seamless amalgamation of the inside and outside. Sturdy and durable, they require very less in terms of maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corner sliding doors?

As the name suggests, corner sliding doors by Fenesta can be used to transform your little nooks into aesthetically pleasing areas like a balcony or small garden. Their precision engineering makes them seamlessly fit into different spaces.

What is the Advantage of a Corner Sliding Door?

Corner sliding doors are among the premium choices for buyers in search of building solutions. Besides the aesthetic appeal, such door types are perfect for facilitating an open space design that allows an uninterrupted outside view and ample ventilation. Besides, they are strong and sturdy and come with the option of adding both mesh and glass to enhance durability.

Can Corner sliding doors be customized?

uPVC corner sliding doors by Fenesta are available in a standard shape. However, you can get them customized as per your choice of colour, design, size, handles, and trims. All you need to do is get in touch with our representative for a free consultation and discuss your requirements. Besides, you can also visit the nearby Fenesta Showroom or Signature Studio to get a first-hand experience.

Can we add mesh and glass in Corner sliding doors?

Yes, you can add mesh/grill or glass in corner sliding doors to make them aesthetically pleasing as well as safe and sturdy. Our representative will help you visualize your corner sliding door design both internally and externally, thereby helping you to make the right decision.