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Sliding windows comprises of two or more than two horizontal sashes that are fitted with rollers at the base for smooth sideward track movement. Easy to operate, these windows offer panoramic views and a great amount of ventilation.

The contemporary sliding window design has always been a popular choice for house and office windows. These windows add finesse to any room and can elevate the style quotient of any space without compromising on the fenestration requirements. The sliding window offers swift movement and is easy to operate.

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uPVC sliding windows offer increased ventilation while keeping out heat, pollution, dust, and noise. Fenesta windows provide smooth movement as they have less friction between the rollers in uPVC sliding windows and also come with multi-track and sash options.

About Sliding

Sliding windows have been a popular choice for many years, with uPVC sliding windows gaining significant popularity in recent times. The use of uPVC as a material for window construction is favored due to its exceptional properties. It offers remarkable durability, sound insulation, thermal efficiency, and low maintenance, making uPVC one of the best choices for windows. 

From uPVC sliding balcony windows to sliding kitchen windows, there are many types of uPVC sliding windows available today. Choosing a uPVC sliding window for your space is made easier by exploring the various design options of 2/3/4 track uPVC sliding windows. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space by opting for uPVC sliding glass doors for your balcony, kitchen, or any other desired area.

Did You Know?

Fenesta’s exhaustive range of uPVC sliding windows comprises of horizontal sliding uPVC windows, sliding french windows, and many more. Known for precision in design and a meticulous approach to production and installation of sliding windows and doors, Fenesta is the top windows and doors brand in India that offers completely customized uPVC doors and windows. 

In addition, Fenesta also offers different colour and design options so that you get to choose sliding windows according to the style, colour, and decor of your room. Moreover, you also get to choose options related to handles, glass, trims and mesh grills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make uPVC sliding windows easier to slide?

Clean the track for any debris or dirt. Lubricate the rollers and the tracks for smooth movement. Check for any broken part and raise the service request.

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