Is Contemporary Interior Design About Form Or Function? Dec 09, 2015 By  Fenesta

Is Contemporary Interior Design About Form Or Function?

House interior design is an ever evolving and ever changing phenomenon. Interior design styles are usually categorized into traditional or classic which usually include heavier style furniture or patterns that are slightly more detailed. In comparison to that modern interior decorations constitute cleaner, simpler lines and an uncluttered look. Modern interior design and contemporary interior design are very often used and interchangeable terms but while both these forms have similarities they are different from each other. They are similar in the sense that they both denote clean looks and a mix of natural and industrial materials but the difference is in the fact that modern interior design refers to a an entire genre in interior design and contemporary refers more to what the current trend is. When exploring the question of what takes preference in contemporary interior designing- form or function- it would not be incorrect to say that form usually follows function.

Contemporary house interior design usually goes by the ideology of creating great functionality that offers ease of use and solves space problems around a form that is clean and pleasing to the eye. This is precisely the reason why contemporary interior decorations incorporate design and functionality that keeps in mind the ever-shrinking size of homes over the years.

Function is the key because simpler designs with intuitive features are easier to use and look great too. So, function takes precedence over form and naturally so. Form can be a derivative of function in the sense that it can be created around solving problems in a way that encompassing arresting design too. If you have a space problem look and want to combine functionality with design, look for some contemporary interior pieces today!


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