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5 Classic Ideas to Design Your Front Door!

5 Classic Ideas to Design Your Front Door!

Your front door is the first impression to your home, so it’s vital as it lasts forever. Here are simple ideas to make an impact:

(1) Go for New Age Wood Substitute - It imparts the feel of expensive wood. It doesn’t wrap, contract or expand like wood. Other benefits include low maintenance, higher durability, termite free and UPVC skin for insulation. Fenesta has various options of designer doors in new age wood substitute.


(2) Presence of Exterior Lighting - Add a lighting fixture at the entrance door, either hanging from the ceiling or on the house plate.


(3) Choose Your Signature Style - Opt for a design & color for your door which makes a style statement. There are various options in design and color for doors in Fenesta. You can consider customization of door design in contemporary or a modern look depending on your budget and needs.


(4) Green is In - Use potted plants with flowers or a creeper on the entrance. It gives a fresh, warm and a gratifying glimpse to the home entrance.


(5) Accessorize It - Fenesta has a remarkable range of door handles for contemporary, stylish and modern homes with various finish options. Choose the one which blends with the look of your door or window and defines your signature style.


Other accessories that will highlight the door are: Doorbell, Door Knockers, Doormat, Number and Name plate etc.



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