Trendy Window Colour: Colored Window Grills? Why Not? Feb 10, 2016 By  Fenesta

Trendy Window Colour: Colored Window Grills? Why Not?

For the most part window grills are usually black in color. In saying so, there is no reason why window grill design cannot move away from the usual pattern and go colored. In fact this is something that is already being incorporated as window designs for homes. When it comes to window grill design, the range of patterns now available is extremely extensive and homeowners have a big choice. The choice of having colored grills however is a fairly new option. When we say color, the shades being used for now are fairly sober but it is a start. In fact it does not even have to be the entire grill that is colored.

Just a hint of color somewhere here or there in the pattern works. With designs and styles for everything in the interior design world evolving there is no reason why window designs for homes should not be going through the same transition. Color is a major part of modern design styling and in that context window grill design too has seen that effect. While the pattern one chooses for the grill is solely a matter of personal choice, with color thrown in there, there is a little more to play with. Design is always an expression of ones personal taste and personality. For someone who likes cheer and wants to move away from the usual random black window grill, colored grills can be a great option. Consider this grill design in the picture.

Simple, elegant with a hint of color thrown in it is the perfect example of what modern window designs for homes are coming up with. Looking for something different in your windows? Go for a colored grill and break the monotony to create a beautiful window today!


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