Minimalist Window Grills? It Is Possible. And We Have 5 Right Here. Mar 10, 2016 By  Fenesta

Minimalist Window Grills? It Is Possible. And We Have 5 Right Here.

When it comes to window grills, a lot of people are wary of getting them installed in their homes because they can obstruct the view and also give a very closed feeling. In saying so, there are a number of reasons why grills are a must in some households. This could be for security reasons, because there are small children in the house or any other. The good news however is that window design has come a long way over the years and there are a number of minimalist window grill options that can be chosen for the home. Here are five options that will help you achieve a balance and still have your windows look good:

  1. This grill design is stylish, contemporary and not too heavy at the same time. Having a grill like this installed will mean that you will reap the benefits and yet to have to compromise with openness. grill-1
  2. This one is a classic. The lines are clean cut and straight. This kind of grill looks good, serves the purpose and offers really good security. grill-2
  3. Another great option is this stylish grill that goes on from the outside and is installed away from the wall. As in the picture, this is great for any kind of home, whether it's a house or an apartment in a building. grill-3
  4. This designer grill can actually help enhance the look and style quotient of a uPVC window. When painted with a complimentary color it can actually blend in well with the entire look of the window and look really good. grill-4
  5. And finally, this really intricate window grill option that you just cannot go wrong with. A grill like this will never cause any problems and will fit in very well in any kind of window. grill-5

These options above are a tip of the iceberg as compared to what is actually available out there. If you need a grill, use these as reference and get onto your search project today itself!


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