Window Lock - An Important Constituent of Windows Interior Dec 09, 2015 By  Fenesta

Window Lock - An Important Constituent of Windows Interior

The interior design of the window is not limited to its frame and panes but also includes window locks and latches. Other than enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the window, locks keep the interior of your home safe from any unauthorized entry and make the house safer for kids and pets. With stylish and trendy window locks available in the market, selecting one for your window is relatively easy. You can find window locks with keys and without them. Here are some locks that you might like to install at your home. Hinged wedge lock These locks are suited for double hung uPVC windows and they prevent it from fully opening it. They can be pushed inward if you would like to open it fully. So, these locks will help you to open and close the window and keep it ajar depending on your requirement. Sliding window locks These locks come with a key and help keep the frame from sliding. Using this lock, you can leave the window slightly open and secure it where you please. As they come in various colours, you can install the colour that matches the frame of the window. Window Latch Lock This is the standard type and the most common of all window locks. This type of lock is attached to one window and when closed is connected to the other window by the user turning the handle of the latch. So, what type of window lock would you prefer for your home? Let us know your opinion.


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