What Makes Sliding Doors Perfect For Small City Apartments? Mar 08, 2016 By  Fenesta

What Makes Sliding Doors Perfect For Small City Apartments?

The fact the size of city apartments is literally shrinking by the hour is something that we are all aware of. It`s a reality that one has to live with especially in the bigger cities. This strapping for space and the need for convenience have helped in the popularity of space saving concepts, which work well in tiny areas. While sliding doors have been around forever, they are becoming a natural choice as part of the modern doors deal in newer smaller apartments because of the technical advantages they offer. Previously, sliding doors were used more as separators but now are a natural choice for bedroom or others like kitchen doors in the house. In fact, not just doors but even sliding window treatments are considered pretty trendy and very apt for today`s times. The reason that the sliding option is perfect for city apartments is the fact that these doors take a lot less space than the ones that open outwards. Sliding doors are un-obstructive and the space that would otherwise be eaten up by the door being open in the room can be utilized for other decorative or constructive purpose. Modern doors that slide and come in materials that are lighter such as glass or lighter manufactured wood also create an illusion of openness. Plus, the ease of opening and shutting and no massive handles are some more pros that go in their favor. Whether it`s sliding window treatments or sliding doors, both concepts fit right in to the trend of what modern city living is becoming all about. They offer functionalities that align with the needs and requirements that come with restrictions of space and in that sense are a blessing. And the Fenesta suite of products has the perfect sliding doors that you can use to make a smaller space easier to live in. We can customize your windows and ensure a drastic reduction in the noise levels that seep into your home, while keeping you protected from dust, strong winds and heavy rain. Let us know how we can help you get started


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