Designing Work Space - Know What`s In Mar 10, 2016 By  Fenesta

Designing Work Space - Know What`s In

Do you know that a boring and stuffy work space can be one of the major reason of low productivity in employees? There’s a direct correlation to how much light comes into a work space and the way employees are able to work. Thing about it is who really wants to work in a dingy little closet for 9 hours a day? The perfect solution to this problem is to design a work place that has great ambiance. These great tips for a designer workplace can help you boost employee productivity:

  1. Redo the Reception Desk: As you know, the first impression is the last impression, thus it is very important to have carefully designed reception area that`s not just welcoming but is also energetic. Instead of hiding your office behind the walls of your reception area, the idea is to open up the space.
  2. Change up the Layout: Sometimes, great team building comes from fostering a communal work environment. There are quite a few employers out there who are beginning to understand that cubicles with high walls can be very isolating. And honestly, why build those boring isolated compartments, when you can have a big square work table where you can encourage a constant exchange of ideas?
  3. Space out areas: If you can`t bring everyone to the same table, then think about switching to an open-plan design, especially for informal activities and meetings. The key to designing a facilitative work environment is to have a flexible environment with special areas for brainstorming. Also there must be place to chill out and enjoy coffee breaks.
  4. Let there be light: As far as the design is concerned, you can choose neutral colors, rustic industrial features and timber surface for warmth but this alone will not work. It is important to harness available views and use natural light sources to their best.

These are some of the more basic and quickest ideas we thought could work for you. If you’ve been able to find a better way, don’t forget to let us know!


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