Major Benefits of Casement Windows over Other Styles Mar 23, 2020 By  Fenesta

Major Benefits of Casement Windows over Other Styles

With so many designs and styles of windows available in the market, it becomes difficult at times to choose the right window for your house. But it is an important decision nevertheless as it will directly impact the functions and look of the entire house. It improves ventilation and brings in a lot of good changes.

If your home is undergoing a renovation or you are building one from scratch, consider getting a casement window. There are a lot of good options available in this style one of which is the aluminium casement window. These types of windows are popular among homeowners who wish to make their homes look better, attractive, and more efficient. But before we proceed further, let’s have a look at what these windows are.

Understanding Casement Windows

If we were to explain the working and design of a casement window, the best way to describe it is - “These are windows that open and close like doors”. The glass-holding case of the windows is mounted between frames and is attached from the side by hinges. There is a sash that opens and closes these windows. It is an easy-to-maintain and use window style which makes it one of the most-opted-for windows by homeowners. These frames are easy to install and when the time comes, you can change it with a lot of ease. Also, if you choose to install aluminum casement windows, they can last for several years.

What Characteristics make Casement Windows Different?

It is alright if you can’t figure out which one amongst all the window options is the casement window. Here are a few things that will help you in recognizing it: -


Yes, the best way to recognize a casement window is by noticing the mechanism of that particular window. A casement window opens and closes just like a door, either inwards or outwards. Based on this factor, you can rule out ‘sliding windows’.

Often Called as Awning Windows

A casement window can also be hinged on the top, and due to this characteristic, it is often referred to as awning windows. So, if you want a window that’s hooked from the top, then casement windows is the option you should be looking at.

Life of the window

When you opt for aluminium casement windows, the life of the window increases as aluminium is a corrosion-resistant metal. It is easy to clean and inexpensive as compared to other window materials.


Advantages of Installing Casement Windows

There are numerous benefits of having a casement window, some of which are: -


One of the biggest reasons why people install a casement window in their home is the amount of ventilation it ensures. This advantage makes it the best window for kitchens and bathrooms where you need to have good ventilation. Pinned up in the case with a top hinge, the window can open up to 90° which provides a lot of air inside.

Saves Energy

Several experts have mentioned casement windows to be one of the most energy-efficient window set-ups that you can install in your home. Due to the sash, the window can be closed tightly which prevents any leakage of warm and cold air from inside during winters and summers, respectively. This trademark style helps in saving energy to a huge extent.

Elegantly Designed

When you get a lot of options, you tend to enjoy shopping, right? The same happens when you shop casement windows because you get a lot of options in this as well. With attractive colours and striking designs, aluminium casement windows can enhance the overall look of your home, making it aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

Enhances Your Outside View

If your home is in a beautiful place, somewhere amongst the wild, you should definitely install a casement window to enjoy an unobstructed view outside your window. In such a setup, you don’t even have to worry about a central rail that might obstruct your view.

Availability of Options

Being one of the most popular windows frames, casement windows have a lot of options available that can suit every home design. So, don’t worry about the design and wall colors; you have got all the options.

If you wish to benefit from these tips, start checking the casement windows prices online. Before you finalize any of them, make sure that you have explored the options available – that’ll allow you to compare which one is the best for your home. You can also check our website to know more about the casement windows, their function, their features, advantages, and the options that you can go for.


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