How Double Glazing Works and Why uPVC Windows Make It Better Aug 24, 2020 By  Fenesta

How Double Glazing Works and Why uPVC Windows Make It Better

Energy efficiency is one of the most vital aspects of home ownership. Not only do energy-efficient homes help save electricity but they also reduce the carbon footprint to a considerable extent, contributing to making the environment cleaner. Interestingly, nowadays, building fixtures can also help in ensuring that your home is energy-efficient. Wondering how? Well, the answer is simple - double glazed windows.

Understanding the Science behind Double Glazed Windows

Double-glazed panes have become one of the top priorities for homeowners owing to diverse features and an exceptional ability to keep the home interiors warm. Not only are these windows energy efficient but they can also help reduce external noises, keeping you and your loved ones away from unwanted disturbances. The science behind double glazing is very simple; it works in three effective ways: -

  • Prevents heat loss through the windows.
  • Keeps the window and the frame draught-free.
  • Functions as an insulator in the same manner as cavity wall insulation works.

Double glazed windows have two panes instead of the typical single pane, which are separated by a gap that is called the spacer-bar. The spacer-bar is either filled with inert gas or else is used to create a vacuum between the panes. Irrespective of how the spacer-bar functions, its ultimate purpose is to reduce the transfer of heat into the interiors of your house, keeping it comfortable and cool throughout the day.

Double Glazed

Though these are widely known as ‘energy-efficient windows’, here are the other two major benefits that are worth mentioning: - Reduced Condensation: Condensation occurs when there is moisture on the window panes, which happens because the windows are cooler than the air inside the interior space of your home. With windows that have double glazing panes, condensation reduces to a minimum because the glazing helps in maintaining both the pane’s interior and the air temperature closer to each other. Though condensation seems to be a non-serious topic, the consequences can be harmful. Excessive condensation can lead to the formation of mould and mildew which, in turn, leads to severe health problems. Keeps your Interiors Intact: You put a lot of effort into designing your home’s interiors, and double glazed windows help in ensuring that your efforts are sustained. At some point in time, you must have noticed that the colours of a few interior decors or cabinetry/furniture fade away; this happens because of the excessive UV radiation of the sun. In addition to this, when there is extreme rain, a home’s interior feels damp! Such issues can cause damage, sometimes internally, which may go unnoticed. Double glazing in windows provides insulation and protects all of your precious interior decor items, cabinetry, and furniture from any damages.

What makes uPVC a Superior Choice?

When it comes to double glazed panes, uPVC windows are one of the best choices. Available in different styles, these are packed with features that are par excellence. Double glazing is not just limited to windows. Today, you can easily opt for double glazed doors as well which serve the purpose of being energy efficient. However, in both cases, uPVC windows and doors have an upper hand because uPVC is a type of sturdy unplasticised material that does not conduct heat and comes with exceptional insulating properties. With the help of these windows, the purpose of double-glazed panes is served without any hindrance.

Energy Saving and Aesthetics


uPVC windows are designed with airtight sealing, multiple chambered profiles, and multiple lock points that ensure that the air-conditioned air doesn’t flow out of the interior space. In addition to this, the double sealant and fusion-welded properties also help in ensuring that no hot air can sneak into your home interiors. These are aesthetically pleasing and work amazingly well with double glazed panes. You can select from uPVC sliding sash windows, casement windows, etc. and give your abode the grace it deserves.

Low Maintenance

One of the added benefits of uPVC building fixtures like windows is that it requires negligible maintenance. Honestly, India is one of the highest UV receiving regions in the world; excessive solar radiation fades away the charm of many building fixtures, increasing the effort required to maintain them. However, with uPVC, you can breathe a sigh of relief as these are designed with a special UV resistant blend which helps the windows and doors stay resistant to radiation for years after years.

At the end of the day, the cost of double glazed uPVC windows is justified by the fact that it is a one-time investment which brings along a whole host of benefits for the long term.


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