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Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient


Gone are the days when windows and doors in houses were only meant to provide natural light and fresh air or easy access into rooms. Today, doors and windows have become essential components for energy efficiency in building construction.

According to Energy Star (USA), fenestration accounts for 25-50% of energy loss in a building. However, this problem can be minimized by improving the energy efficiency and performance of windows and doors. In fact, using energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce energy bills by almost 7%-15%.

At Fenesta, the importance of reducing the ever-increasing energy expenses is understood. That's why Fenesta has incorporated energy-saving features like airtight sealing and double/triple insulation into its products, which minimize the cost of heating and cooling your home without sacrificing aesthetics.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill
RESULT: Energy cost reduces dramatically as your air conditioner runs less often.

Noise Insulation


In today's chaotic world, it is hard to find a place where you can sit and enjoy peace and quiet. Noises from neighbours, traffic, railway lines, industrial units, loudspeakers, pubs and aircraft constantly intrude our lives and hamper the serenity we so desperately desire.

Windows and doors are usually the weakest point of sound insulation in the home and the problem gets worse with traditional windows or doors which have gaps even when closed. The gaps - a result of flaws in design, construction or installation - allow easy passage for noise to just barge in and destroy the tranquillity of a home.

Not so with Fenesta windows and doors, which when closed block out the outside disturbances, creating a comfortable environment to concentrate, enable a peaceful night's sleep, relax and enhance your quality of life. Below are the features that help Fenesta protect you from the outside disturbances:

Noise Insulation

Fenesta products are factory made with multi-chambered profiles and fusion welded joints to improve overall sealing


The multiple point locking systems and double seals ensure casement windows and doors are tightly shut to cut out outside noise


All gaps between the window/door unit and the wall are filled with a special silicone sealant


Fenesta products can be fitted with laminated or double glazed laminated glass that can reduce unwanted noise levels by manifolds

RESULT: Noise insulation can be increased up to 40 STC*, as the outside noise has a minimal passage to enter into your home, allowing you to sleep peacefully, enjoy solitude and reduce stress. In short your home gets transformed into a peaceful haven.

Rainwater Insulation


While we all enjoy rain and it spells good news for nature as well, it is not so much fun when the rain enters into your home. Rain water seepage can cause more damage and prove more costly than you think.

Aside from the obvious cost of repairs, which can escalate if the water seepage source isn't found and repaired, there's also the cost to your family's health from infections and respiratory ailments stemming from molds and bacteria formation.

The same problem gets accentuated with traditional wooden windows and doors as they warp and resulting gaps invite rain inside the house. Rainwater accumulates in the tracks and spills inside even if aluminium windows and doors are not installed properly.

Rainwater Insulation

The problem vanishes when you replace your old windows and doors with Fenesta, which has engineered three innovations to keep your home safe and dry when monsoons come knocking at your door:


An elevated section clipped on the inside track of the system which functions like a dam. It captures rainwater and drains it out


This special system prevents air pressure from pushing the rainwater indoors. Instead, the rainwater flows down vertically, at some distance from the outer wall


A track with a downward slope of 5 degrees ensures that accumulated rainwater flows out

RESULT: The airtight sealing of Fenesta and these special monsoon features work together to protect the invasion of rain into your home! Staying at home in monsoon becomes even more enjoyable, knowing your dear ones as well as all your precious belongings are protected.

Storm Resistant


Wind speeds in India are much higher than those of other parts of the world. Along the coast, in the eastern and the western parts of the country, wind speeds touch as high as 250 kmph, the equivalent of 3100 Pascal wind loads.

It gets worse in high-rise buildings. What appears to be a mild breeze on the ground floor becomes a gale force in the upper floors of a tall building. In these conditions, conventional windows and doors rattle and whistle.

In order to protect your home from such hurricanes and cyclones, Fenesta engineers have come up with innovative solutions that provide strong protection ensuring no rattling frames and no whistling sounds while increasing the safety and security of the home.


Storm Resistant

How is a Fenesta product different from a local made wood/aluminium alternative?


Fenesta windows and doors are tested to withstand extreme weather conditions and specifically designed to withstand the wind loads of each city, building height, and topography.


Fenesta products can be reinforced with a hurricane bar that can bear wind speeds up to 250 km/h.


Multiple seals keep the doors and windows airtight and stop the air from entering the home


The only window and door brand in the country that customises each and every window and door according to the applicable wind loads


An elevated section clipped on the inside track of the system which functions like a dam. The rainwater always flows outside and never accumulates inside the tracks

RESULT: Withstand hurricane winds so quietly that you would get to know the outside impact only the next day from your neighbours.

Low Maintenance


Fenesta windows and doors require minimal maintenance. They are termite resistant, dust resistant, and do not warp. These doors are weather proof, storm resistant, provide insulation against rainwater and do not get affected by heat or sunlight. They do not corrode and maintain their shape.

They will stay as good as new and look aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Routine cleaning to remove dirt and dust from the surface and channels is all that is required, as these doors and windows are designed for lifelong performance.

Low Maintenance
RESULT: Your windows and doors keep looking as good as new for years together and even outlast the building. For maintenance of Fenesta windows and doors, refer Fenesta Maintenance guidelines. Mostly routine cleaning of dirt / dust from the surface will keep windows working year after year.



Often, windows and doors are kept closed day and night for fear of insects and mosquitoes. However, closed windows and doors block the much needed fresh air and sunlight.

To address this issue, Fenesta offers insect mesh in various designs and colours, which allow for ventilation and sunlight while keeping insects and other pests out.

Keep Insects Out

The different mesh options that Fenesta offers include:


Most commonly used window mesh material, it does not corrode, rust, dent or unravel. It is flexible, economical and an easy to install solution


Made of stainless steel wires woven into a mesh. It is extremely durable and has superior strength. It comes in black colour, offers excellent outdoor visibility, better air-flow and excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.


If you have pets that constantly tear into your screens, go for the heavier and strong pet resistant mesh. It is resistant to tear and damage caused by pets. Caution - Pet resistant mesh blocks visibility


A lighter mesh variant that rolls up and opens with one swift movement. It comes fitted with high quality imported mechanism that ensures smooth and easy movement of mesh frame. It is best suited for outward opening casement windows.


Fitted in the inner sash of the Villa Window system, it blocks the entry of mosquitoes and insects when you open the outer sashes for ventilation.


Lightweight, compact and easy to operate, this mesh is pleated unlike others which are flat. Reinforced with a string, it has a horizontal sideways movement, and allows for better visibility. Best suited for casement windows and doors.


This is a mesh option for sliding windows & doors. It is fit over an additional track and slides like the regular slider sash.

RESULT: You get ventilation and sunlight without the fear of insects and pests entering your home and without compromising on security.

Dust Resistant


Homes in India are troubled by dust all-round the year. The wind brings with it dust from construction sites, industries, stone quarries, pollen, vehicular traffic and even the occasional dust storms.

This can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners, as dust accumulates on curtains, upholstery, carpets, and can affect one's health, leading to chronic illnesses like asthma. Today, even small childen are getting affected by it. Your fight against dust is a losing battle. You wipe your living room clean only to see a film of dust settle on furniture and the floor within minutes. Or you return from a vacation to a home laden with dust. The only way to keep dust out is to prevent it from entering the house in the first place. Unfortunately, old windows and doors often have cracks that allow dust to enter inside your home.

By switching to Fenesta, this problem is greatly reduced, much like in modern cars. Fenesta's windows and doors have features that prevent dust from entering your home, ensuring a dust-free environment.

Dust Resistant

The features that help Fenesta Windows and Doors keep your homes dust free are:


Fenesta products are double sealed with EPDM / TPE gaskets and joints are fusion welded ensuring no gaps remain anywhere.


Fenesta windows and doors have multipoint locking system to ensure they remain airtight


All gaps between the window/door unit and the wall are filled with a special silicone sealant to ensure there are no gaps.


All Fenesta products are manufactured in state of the art factories following international quality standards. This ensures that the windows and doors are long lasting and sturdy.

RESULT: The aesthetics of your home improve as your favourite furniture; show pieces, upholstery and carpets remain dust free if you keep your Fenesta windows and doors closed. They help you lead a dust free and healthy life.



Security is a major issue in both villas and low rise buildings in virtually every city in India and an open window or a door is an easy entry point for any burglar.

To keep the windows and doors open for fresh air but at the same time be assured of the security of our homes is a desire deeply nourished by many Indians. At Fenesta, we understand this need and therefore our products come with an option of grills.

Improve Home Security

Offer flexibility to fix in any design of Grill. The grill can be retrofitted/ removed as per nees to service window. It is fixed on the sill using an innovative grill adaptor.


Offer flexibility to fix in any design of Grill. The grill can be retrofitted/ removed as per nees to service window. It is fixed on the sill using an innovative grill adaptor.


Burglar resistance is possible with the option of double glass or toughened glass - which is the way it is done in Europe where grills are not in use.


Our windows and doors have multipoint locking system to ensure tight shutting down.

RESULT: Security of home is shored up and breaking in to your home becomes too much work for the average burglar



Most of us would agree that homes with large windows and doors have a certain appeal to them. They make the homes look more desirable and grand.

In fact, large windows perform a brilliant job of - letting sunlight into homes, providing visual access to outdoors, allowing in fresh air and helping air circulation - the very reason that led to invention of windows in the first place.

Having said that, take a look at your old windows and doors. Traditional wooden windows (and doors with glass) require cross members to support their frames due to their lack of inherent strength and thus hinder both the view and the sunlight.

Now take a look at Fenesta windows and doors-

Strong steel reinforcements are tucked inside large UPVC frames.

No cross-members at all

RESULT: Fenesta frames can be made to stretch from floor to ceilings and span balconies, be unobtrusive in appearance, maximise the area of glass in the window or the door and add a sense of space to living areas. These large Fenesta windows and doors, with nothing to interrupt sunlight from streaming in and nothing to obstruct the view, offer significant advantages over a traditional small one, as listed below:- PLENTY OF SUNLIGHT Creates positive energy inside the home and makes you feel upbeat. Abundant sunlight also allows you to forgo electrical lighting thus saving on your energy bills. FUNCTIONAL ART Large windows and doors are beautiful and pleasing to look at, driving up the value of your home in case of resale BRING THE OUTDOORS IN Psychologists believe there's nothing more therapeutic than the wonderful sights of nature forming on your window and glass doors. It helps boost your mood and make you happy. PASSIVE SOLAR GAIN During winter days, well designed large windows and doors can help keep your home warmer, providing you with a cosy warmth you so desire.



Well-made, well-specified and carefully designed to enhance the value of your home, Fenesta windows and doors improve the facade and indoor aesthetics, add elements of architectural style and alter the character of bedrooms, the living room, the dining room, the study and even the kitchen and bathrooms. They are stylish, elegant looking, smooth to touch and effortless to operate.

Graceful & Effortless

Irrespective of the window or the door size, shape or design variant, all Fenesta products perform in a steady manner and never deviate from their standard of tested performance. Made of UPVC, few inherent advantages of all Fenesta windows and doors are:-

Pleasing looks and easy to clean

Retain lusture for a very long time; looks as good as new for years together

Contemporary styling, unobstrusive in appearance and maximises the area of glass in your windows and doors

Variety of color options to match the decor of each room

Smooth to operate and low maintenance

10 year warranty on profiles

A wide design palette

over 700 style options to choose from

RESULT: So if you are looking for that perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor home design, give us a call and transform your home into a stunning abode with versatile, functional yet beautiful windows and doors

Complete design freedom


Each product is tailor made for your home
First we talk to you about your tastes, understand your requirements, listen to what you are trying to achieve. Then we design the windows and doors you need: casement, sliding, tilt & turn, combination or something special. The choice is yours - but the quality is always the finest.

Complete Design Freedom

Like a Lego set, Fenesta products are modular in nature and can be made in attractive shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. We offer myriad of customizable options:


Modern homes have fewer walls and more windows and doors. Fenesta frames can be made to stretch from the floor to the ceiling and span balconies, adding a sense of space to living areas.


Laminated glass, toughened glass, reflective glass and other designer glass can be offered on demand with single, double and triple glazing to ensure superior insulation.


Fenesta doors connect different parts of your home. Fenesta slider can replace a wall allowing easy movement from one area to another and actually create more open space with a better view.


All products can be customised in colour based on the type of look you desire for your home. Make your selection from a rich wood finish - light oak, walnut and mahogany - or go with pristine white. Several imported lock designs are also available to allow you choose the one that matches your finish and decor.


You have an option add grill and mesh in your chosen window or the door system to protect you from theft and insects respectively.


Choose from different profile systems – series 1500, series 2000, villa series – designed keeping in mind the wind loads and your specific requirements.

RESULT: Combinations of the above different components make possible countless designs, shapes and sizes, from the modern to the traditional and ensure high degree of customization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find soundproof Windows & Doors in India?

If you are looking for windows and doors that offer good sound insulation, Fenesta is here for you. We are the preferred brand for purchasing energy-efficient and sound-proof windows and doors in India. Our building fixtures are designed with multi-chambered profiles, air-tight sealing, fusion welded joints, double glazed insulated glasses, and so on that contribute to making them sound-insulated. Adding to this, the building fixtures can withstand a storm up to 250 km/h, making them robust and long-lasting.

How much does soundproof doors and windows cost?

The cost of new windows and doors that are sound-proof can vary based on the configuration you choose. At Fenesta, you have choices of glasses, material of construction like uPVC, aluminium, hybrid polymer, and so on. Adding to this, you also have options like sliding doors, casement windows, bay windows, and much more. If you are planning to get new windows and doors and want to know the cost, get in touch with us. One of our expert team members will assist you with all your queries. 

How to keep windows and doors safe from rainwater seepage?

Applying sealants and using waterproof materials for doors and windows are crucial ways to protect them from rainwater seepage. With Fenesta's innovative design for doors and windows, you can effectively prevent rainwater seepage and protect against damage.

How to maintain Fenesta windows and doors?

Fenesta windows and doors require minimal maintenance. They are termite resistant, dust resistant, and do not warp. These doors are weather proof, storm resistant, provide insulation against rainwater and do not get affected by heat or sunlight. They will stay as good as new for years to come. Routine cleaning to remove dirt and dust from the surface and channels is all that is required, as these doors and windows are designed for lifelong performance. 

What is the cost of maintaining Fenesta windows and doors?

Fenesta doors and windows are low maintenance. Simply cleaning dirt and dust from the surface and channels on a routine basis will keep your Fenesta doors and windows working well and looking as good as new year after year. They are termite-resistant, do not corrode, and maintain their shape. They are designed for lifelong performance and minimal cost and effort is required to maintain their appearance.


How would I know that my windows and doors need maintenance?

If you feel that your Fenesta doors and windows are not performing as expected, or if you experience any resistance or difficulty in operating them, it may be time for a maintenance check. In such cases, we recommend that you contact Fenesta customer care to schedule a service and maintenance check to ensure that your doors and windows are functioning properly.

Can Aluminium sliding windows insulate noise?

Yes, Fenesta's aluminium sliding doors and windows can insulate noise very effectively. We understand that external noises can hamper your peaceful family time, hinder your sound sleep, and become the reason behind other such disturbances. That is why we offer noise insulated aluminium doors and windows that are designed with double glazed laminated glasses to reduce external noises by manifolds. Adding to this, these fixtures are factory-made with multi-chambered profiles and fusion welded joints that improves the overall sealing, leading to better sound insulation.

How to prevent rainwater seepage?

Rainwater seepage can be prevented by installing premium quality Fenesta doors and windows which are engineered and have a patented rain track system, special sill arrangement, and gradient slope, so that the rainwater always flows outside and never accumulates inside the tracks, keeping your home clean and safe.

Are uPVC windows and doors waterproof?

UPVC windows and doors are known for their tough resistance to even strong tropical rain and wind. Created with innovative design and technology, Fenesta's UPVC windows and doors are the perfect solution to block rainwater coming in and keep your home safe.

How effective are Fenesta's storm proof doors and windows?

UPVC doors and windows by Fenesta are tested for their reliability and durability against bad weather. Engineered with unique solutions like steel reinforcement, hurricane bar and multiple seals, UPVC doors and windows by Fenesta provide strong protection against storm, hurricane and rain water seepage. Keeping your home safe and secure.

Is regular maintenance required for Fenesta's windows and doors?

Windows and doors from Fenesta require minimal maintenance. They are manufactured with precision, ensuring proper sealing and no gaps, and do not corrode. They are termite resistant, dust resistant, storm resistant and do not warp. Routine cleaning to remove dirt and dust from the surface and channels is all that is required, as these doors and windows are designed for lifelong performance. 

Are Fenesta's doors and windows durable?

Fenesta windows and doors are made from highly durable materials that offer long life and performance. What's more, windows and doors from Fenesta require minimal maintenance and remain as good as new for years to come.

Can I install bug mesh in my window and doors?

Yes, you can install a bug mesh from Fenesta to protect your home from bugs, pests, and mosquitoes. These screens are easy to open and close, allowing fresh air to pass through while keeping insects out.

Are aluminium windows and doors an energy-efficient option?

Yes, aluminium windows and doors are extremely energy efficient, leading to cost saving in the form of reduced electricity bills. Fenesta aluminium windows and doors are designed with thermal break airtight sealing that are fusion welded with multi-chambered profiles to prevent the cold air from escaping and the hot air from coming inside the house.

What are the benefits of an energy efficient Windows and Doors?

Energy efficiency is one of the key factors while choosing aluminium doors and windows for your home. They offer benefits like reduced cost of electricity bills, better door and window performance, lower maintenance, and so on. Fenesta aluminium doors and windows are designed with double or triple insulated glass and multiple locking points, all of which makes these building fixtures energy-efficient and safe.

What is the cost of Fenesta energy efficient Window and Doors?

Fenesta offers a wide range of windows and doors both in uPVC and aluminium building fixtures. The cost of aluminium doors will vary from the cost of uPVC windows; however, they are competitively priced and offer top-notch quality and features.