Design ideas: uPVC French doors and more for a rustic setting Nov 09, 2015 By  Fenesta

Design ideas: uPVC French doors and more for a rustic setting

If you want to add a country-side look to your living room you can do so with UPVC French windows. Country doesn`t have to equate to a lack of style; you can create a rustic living room that is finished with rich shades of gold and deep blues that exude classic elegance which mirrors a European style. Eclectic styles that are mixed and matched can be incorporated to create the country look by bringing in aspects of Nature and homespun fabrics with antique pieces. You can have a great time browsing through flea markets and putting together classic collections to bring the English countryside right into your living room. Decorate your walls with a soft yellow tone or with stucco, distressed or patina as faux finishes or Nature-inspired wallpaper with a floral design. A rustic living room can be enhanced with cozy and comfortable furniture and side tables whose edges are gilded, with trimmings for table cloths with fringes or cushions covered with lace. As a perfect complement for a UPVC French door, it`s best to texture a rustic living room with exposed wooden beams and brick floors to give an aged look. Illuminate your country living room with wrought-iron chandeliers that would throw off soft lights and enhance the rustic ambience with attractive and colorful upholstery with throw pillows.


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