Design Ideas: Creating Conversation Pieces for Your Living Room Mar 08, 2016 By  Fenesta

Design Ideas: Creating Conversation Pieces for Your Living Room

Creating a personal style statement by incorporating some conversation pieces into the living room is something that anyone who takes pride in their home desires. Having one or more than one (possibly) conversation piece serves many purposes. It makes a room interesting, it attracts attention and it initiates talk, all elements that form the basic ethos of living room interior designs. A lot of people believe that conversation pieces have to be expensive and really out of the ordinary to be of any value. This is not necessarily true. If you are looking for the wow factor, you don't have to always spend a lot of money. Conversational pieces can be unique and attractive even if they are simple. To add a personal touch and to get your guests noticing the piece, adding something home made to the room is a good option. Get your creativity going and exploit your resources to come up with something that will truly stand out. It could be a quirky painting, a vase in an unusual shape or design or something jutting out of the wall like a cardboard artifact. The idea essentially is to add an element of surprise. Anything that will make people stop and take notice. If you think you are lacking on the creative front, scour neighborhood antique stores or hidden old shops for decorating pieces that stand out immediately. It could be a lamp in the shape of an animal or a hanging light made of some unusual material. One of the most economical ways is to add dollops of color, in places where people are not expecting them. Perhaps a mirror where the glass is painted in bold stripes will do the trick or an old chair that has been covered in bold colorful upholstery. If one really looks around, living room interior designs are full of ideas for conversation pieces. You don't have to pick the full design; rather, even an interesting element can do the trick. One more thing that attracts attention is size. Anything over sized- like large letters on a wall, larger than life portraits or picture frames or big decorating items will make for good points of conversation. One does not have to be limited to these ideas above. There are a host of other things that can be done. All one needs is a passion for decorating. So, get out there and put together some conversation pieces for your living room right away.


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