A Grand Entrance to a Grand Home Apr 13, 2016 By  Fenesta

A Grand Entrance to a Grand Home

Main door designs are not the first things that come to mind when thinking about home decorations. But as it happens, the entrance plays a rather important role in one’s home. Not only does it provide security from the outside world, it also serves to warmly welcome guests into your abode. It is more like a first impression about your life and home. Of course, people don’t go out of their way to notice your main door design, but if the same was an eye catching statement, it would be rather hard to forget. Your main door is an opportunity to let your personality shine through:

Add Some Arches main_door_design The simplest way to integrate innovation into your main door design is to play with the shape. Thanks to a number of UPVC door providers, it is very simple to have your home complimented with an arched door. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but can also add a bit of mystique for the guests. Fretwork UPVC_door_design Newly garnering popularity, fretwork has been adding a bit of class wherever it goes. A screen of fretwork, of fretwork integrated with your UPVC doors can create a number of designs for you to play with. Stained Glass door_frame_design Whoever said that you have to live in a church or a monument to enjoy a beautiful stained glass door? A popular décor idea, the best part of having a stained glass door is that you can choose the ratio of the stained glass and the UPVC door to create a look that you like best. Frosted Glass frosted_glass_door The subtlety of the light that filters through frosted glass undeniably adds an aura of sophistication and grandiose. Frosted glass doors with UPVC frames, or simple UPVC doors with windows of frosted glass offer a wide range of options and designs that can help you achieve that story book feeling that makes for a resplendent entrance to your residence. Nature main_door_design_nature A rather simple way towards uplifting your main door design, and that too without making many changes, is to bedeck it with nature. An evergreen vine growing about the door, or a porch filled with pretty flora is a great way to add mystery to the home, just as if you were living in the ‘Shire’.

 Home is where the heart is, and the entrance can help you decipher a lot about the owner. Make sure that your main entrance is telling the right story.


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