Reasons To Choose uPVC Doors Over Metal Or Wooden Doors Apr 13, 2016 By  Fenesta

Reasons To Choose uPVC Doors Over Metal Or Wooden Doors

  With the advent of UPVC doors, there are frankly no reasons to allow the old traditional wooden or metal doors at your home.  Both these door designs have certain inherent restrictions which everyone has been living with, but the invention of UPVC doors has provided every plausible reason to not compromise anymore. Here are the reasons to prefer UPVC Doors - Easy to Maintain Are you tired of painting the wooden or metal doors in your house? Anyone can naturally get sick of frequent painting that wooden or steel or aluminium doors requires. The paint on the wooden and metal doors does not stay last that long, especially if these are the balcony doors or the main entrance doors, for these are exposed to harsh weather. However, moving to UPVC doors can solve that conundrum. Wiping with a dry cloth after gradual intervals is all that is needed; now isn’t that a great life simplifying hack in itself? Power to bear harsh weather conditions After prolonged exposure to sunlight, wooden as well as metal door designs soon start appearing a little sordid as the polish easily fades away. Also, wooden doors tend to rot during monsoons while metal doors allow easy passage of rain water in the house due to poor insulation and installation. On the other hand, UPVC doors & windows have a UV resistant blend which is there to bear substantial sun exposure and prohibit the entry of rain water. Be it today, next year, or years after years, UPVC door designs are future proof. Contribution towards environment Wooden doors are made using tropical hardwoods which means these are ecologically unsound. Aluminium door frames require a large amount of energy for production, which again is not really environmental friendly. UPVC doors, in comparison, are not made of materials that create imbalances in the ecological system. Another plus is that these use less energy at the time of production, hence making them environmental friendly. High on Aesthetics Wooden doors undoubtedly look good, but their aesthetic quotient tends to wane over time. In comparison, UPVC door designs are highly customizable concoction of clean, straight lines that make them look very contemporary.   These are reasons that reinforce what we’ve been emphasizing all along – UPVC doors are the doors of today, and of the future.


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