Window Locks: It's Never Too Late to Be Safe Jul 03, 2015 By  Fenesta

Window Locks: It's Never Too Late to Be Safe

Security is the highest concern for house owners and to ensure this, people go to various lengths. As a matter of fact, while making your house secure, equal importance should be given both to door locks and to window locks.

However, it is often seen that the entry door is secured well by buying and installing high tech locks from a renowned door company but forgetting the windows completely. Windows too are vulnerable points when it comes to security and installing good locks can help to deter attempts of theft.

While looking for locks you can find that every type of window has a specific type of lock. For instance, in sliding windows, the locks are mounted on each side of the track with a wing nut for the lock to be placed securely. For sash windows, you can either lock it using a knob attached to it or by a lock that attaches the side of the lower window to the upper one.

Similarly, UPVC windows have locks inbuilt in them and if you still believe that some additional security is required other than this lock, you can speak to the UPVC window and door company who will be able to guide you on this.

Traditional locks too, where the locks are attached to the latch of the window can be used to secure your windows.

Along with the different varieties, you can find numerous types of designs to suit your taste and to complement the style of the window and the door. With so many options available to you, do not compromise the safety of your home by not paying attention to window locks.

So, do you think installing window locks are important and that you will feel more secure after doing so?


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