What is Engineered Wood? Is it recommended for Doors? Apr 04, 2023 By  Fenesta

What is Engineered Wood? Is it recommended for Doors?

It is a common misconception that only solid wooden doors and windows are good for your home. But in the last few years, in India, wooden main door designs are increasingly using engineered wood as a preferred alternative, thanks to the many benefits it has to offer. Engineered wood doors involves the use of multiple layers of timber and veneer/laminate to form a composite material panel that offers advantages like durability, sturdiness, and aesthetics, while side-stepping the cons of the solid wooden door design, like frequent painting requirements, warping, need for insect- and termite-proofing, and so on. Today, engineered wood can be considered to be a modern-day approach to contemporary wooden door designs. Engineered wood doors are crafted using the best materials and can also be designed with a wooden finish to lend that rustic charm to your interiors.

Engineered wooden door frames are a good choice for homeowners as well as developers as they come with a lot of added benefits. These are just a few of the reasons why there is an increased demand for engineered wood for the front door, main door, and internal door designs. That being said, here is more on why you too can consider engineered wooden door designs in India for door needs for that matter:

Built to Last

Apart from the sheer aesthetic appeal of engineered wood, you also get an enhanced lifespan for your doors as the heavy-duty gluing agent used to bind engineered wood ensures that it can outlast conventional wooden windows and doors. Wooden door frames made using engineered wood are also designed to withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions and they are much more resistant to moisture and rotting as compared to simple wooden doors.

Low Maintenance

One of the best reasons to choose wooden main door designs in India that are manufactured using engineered wood is that, unlike natural wood, this material is non-porous in nature and does not require waxing, sanding, or repainting to retain its sheen. A simple wipe-down with a soft cloth and mild soap solution is more than enough to keep them looking as good as new for years.

Environment Friendly

Whether it is an internal or front door design, the manufacturing process of engineered wood ensures more overall sustainability as compared to solid wood doors. While thin sheets of high-quality wood are used to form the surface, it is a different wood that forms the core of engineered wood doors. Overall, wooden main door designs in India require lesser trees to be cut when they are made with engineered wood.

Design Flexibility

The structure and manufacturing process of engineered wood helps produce doors that are available in a range of colours, textures, designs, finishes, etc., which means that you can find an engineered door design that fits in seamlessly with your existing architecture and suits your preferences perfectly.

In summary, an engineered wooden door offers the aesthetic appeal of a conventional wooden door with the added advantages like being cost-effective, environment-friendly, and highly durable. Owing to all these attributes, an engineered wooden door justifies its rising popularity.

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