Ways To Keep Your Home Free From Urban Air Pollution Aug 07, 2015 By  Fenesta

Ways To Keep Your Home Free From Urban Air Pollution

Our air has never been so polluted; the alarming increasing levels of PM2.5 and PM10 mean that the quality of air that we are breathing is on a downward spiral, and that in turn is adversely affecting our very lives. Our commutes to work, outdoor activities, and children’s play times are all suffering because the air is simply not fit for our health.

Now what’s happening in the exterior is not something you can control, but the quality of air inside is something you certainly can control. Here are a few simple but effective ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safeguarded from the clutches of urban air pollution: -

1. Keep Plants Indoors 13_1

Greens always work best to ward off the toxins present in the air. Additionally, they also augment your home’s beauty, lending pleasantness to the ambience inside. You can place fern plants, aloe vera, peace lily and lucky bamboo plants in the corners; and the balconies can be adorned with snake plants, bonsai, tulsi and money plants. Make sure you are aware which plants work best in reducing carbon dioxide levels and then decorate your home with these lifesaving pieces.

2. Check Filters 13_2

If heaters, air conditioners and exhaust fans are being used at home, regularly check whether their filters are clean or not. The air circulation that happens through these equipments must not add on to the dirty particles to throw polluted air inside.

3. Check Indoor Pollutants as Well


We may not realise it on a daily basis, but there are many things that we do inside the home itself that are increasing pollutants in the air we are breathing. Smoking, lead paint on walls, harmful pesticides etc. are all elements which are adding to dirtying the indoor air.

4. Invest in Air Purifiers 13_4

There are many options available these days for air purifiers. Make sure you buy one that is suited to the size of the space you intend to keep purified.

5. Keep the House Ventilated 13_5

One common mistake people make is to shut doors and windows to prevent outside air to come in. It is important to open windows from time to time to let the fresh air come in and all the carbon dioxide we are exhaling, escape out. For added measure, make sure you do it during the early morning hours; close the windows before the daily hustle-bustle starts outside.

6. Good Quality Windows 13_6

While windows are important, one must install high quality windows that open and shut properly. UPVC windows are weather proof and their superior quality will keep the outside air away particularly at those times of the day when the pollution levels are really high.

Keeping your air free from outside pollution is high priority especially if you have children and old people at home. Make sure you are doing your best to pollution proof your abode and making it a healthy place for everyone to breathe freely and comfortably.


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