Want A Great First Impression? Choose The Perfect Front Door Aug 03, 2015 By  Fenesta

Want A Great First Impression? Choose The Perfect Front Door

Let Your Main Door Create Great First Impressions

The first impression is the last impression, is a common usage. This holds true for the front door of your home as well, since it is the first thing people look at when they arrive at your doorstep. Guests, invited or uninvited, and passers-by gauge your house from the front door. That is why the front door should not only enhance the security of your home but also be an expression of your individuality.

Here are some types of doors that have been in use over the years and have evolved to cater to changing priorities of homeowners:

Wooden Doors

15_1 Wooden doors with old-world charm

Wood is the tried and tested material that has been in use since early days. Newer and better materials have since taken over the market.

Though they are getting increasingly rare by the day, wooden doors offer a vintage look to homes and lend an old-world charm. However, maintenance of these doors require regular varnishing, using induction material and interlocking weather stripping, which can be a bit cumbersome.

Steel Doors

15_2 Metal Door with Glass Tiles

Steel is the second oldest material used in making doors, after wood. These have been adapted differently during different architectural styles to give the doors a designer look. These doors are strong and sturdy and help to maintain internal temperature irrespective of external temperature.

A drawback is that these doors can look dull and heavy. Therefore, steel doors are generally paired with glass tiles in or above the door. While this enhances the visual appeal, it compromises the safety and privacy aspects.

Fiberglass Doors

15_3 Fiberglass Doors Used in a Garage

Fiberglass doors offer a blend of new age material mixed with wood. These doors share the same vibe as their wooden counterparts. These doors are durable and do not shrink or warp without proper maintenance. However, these can be quite heavy on the pocket.

Designer Doors 15_4 UPVC Door for an Apartment

These doors offer the classic feel that comes with wooden doors but are a lot more durable. They do not warp, contract or even lose their sheen. They have a hard Unplasticized Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) skin, which is foam-filled for high insulation, thereby making it perfect for the tropical climate in India.

Additionally, these composite or designer doors are customizable and are available in wood finish or other colours to match the ambience of the home.

While doors add to the beauty of a house and highlight the personality of the home’s inhabitants, they also offer a chance to give something back to the environment. Choosing energy-efficient doors and windows ensure internal temperature is maintained, thereby reducing the use of air-conditioners or heaters. UPVC framed Designer doors offer good insulation and have high energy-efficiency ratings.

Opt for a front door that offers security to your family without compromising on the frontage of your home. Remember, a front door is an expression of the style and personality of the inhabitants. Ensure it reflects the right vibes about you by choosing a door that complements you.


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