uPVC Windows: Your Window To Good Health Oct 28, 2016 By  Fenesta

uPVC Windows: Your Window To Good Health

Discover how changing windows can help you attain better health UPVC windows are the latest generation of feature-packed windows which have been acclaimed and accepted globally. They offer truly innovative solutions to the day-to-day problems faced by home owners and offer exceptional health gains. These windows are highly durable, low maintenance and aesthetically appealing1.

Weather Resistant


Keep the storms outside

India is one of the countries which experience extreme climate variations and intense UV radiations. Temperatures can range anywhere between -3degree to 50degree whereas a typical wind can go up to 250 KM/h. A robust solution like Fenesta Window is needed to protect your home from such extreme weather conditions. UPVC window framesreinforced with steel carry exceptional strength to withstand high wind pressures. They have air-tight installation which gives way for a truly gap-less fit preventing the rattling of window sashes as well the entry of heat, dust and rain indoors. While UPVC’s good insulating properties minimizes conduction its UV resistance and low thermal expansion co-efficient ensure the windows made from it retain shape, colour and sheen for years.

Reduced Allergies


Allergies cause severe discomfort

UPVC windows with its air-tight seals keep the dust and pollen at bay, greatly enhancing the indoor air quality of your home. This also helps in improving the quality of your life by reducing the chances of allergies and diseases. This can also protect your family from respiratory illnesses in the long run by keeping bacteria and other pathogens from entering your home, ensuring a germ-free and healthy environment for your loved ones.

Winters Are Warm While Summers Are Cool


Optimal power savings UPVC windows are highly temperature resilient. They trap the indoor heat to keep your winters cool and act as a barrier for heat and air leakage during summers. This gives you a comfortable environment inside your home and greatly reduces your electricity bill as you don’t have to use air conditioning all the time. These windows are poor conductors of heat. The conduction value (U-value) is comparable to wood and very less as compared to aluminium.

Sound Proofing


Protect your hearing

Usually windows are the weakest link when it comes to noise isolation. The never-ending noises from outside traffic, music bustling from late night pubs, railway lines, loudspeakers and aircrafts hamper your peace. You frequently find yourself lacking sleep and feeling tired the next day. Air-tight sealed UPVC windows with options of double/triple glazing offer exceptional noise blocking and provide you with a peaceful home.

Unlimited Customization


Tons of options to choose from UPVC windows are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. They are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. They look as good as new for years. These windows are made of the highest quality material and blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Whether your requirement is space saving or to get a transparent window for an amazing view, there are plenty of options. Little things in life can have a huge impact on our day-to-day routine, peace and health. Fenesta is a pioneer when it comes to UPVC windows. We offer 700+ designs to choose from and we provide expert installation. We customize the solutions according to the user’s requirements and provide a 10-year warranty on our products.


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