Double Glazed Windows: A Wise Choice While Renovating Windows Oct 28, 2016 By  Fenesta

Double Glazed Windows: A Wise Choice While Renovating Windows

Bringing peace and security to your home Home renovation is a smart investment which enhances the value of your property. If you are planning to make an investment on your property, window replacement is one of the best options to begin with. Upgrading your existing windows with trendy and energy efficient double glazed windows is a wise idea. What Are Double Glazed Windows And How Do They Work? 1

Cross-section of a double glazed window

Double glazed windows use two panes of glass usually 14 – 18 mm apart and an inert gas like argon or krypton between the two panes. The gas provides insulation and reduces heat and noise transmission. At times, a layer of metal oxide on the internal pane is also used to reduce the emissivity of the window. The cheaper variants may have only air as the insulation between the two panes. However, in higher quality variants, a combination of low emissivity coating and an inert gas between the panes is used. This combination drastically reduces the transmission of both heat and sound. The air gap in a double glazed window is extremely small and prevents air circulation, which prevents heat transfer by convection. The trapped air is also a very poor conductor and reduces heat loss through the window. As a result, the room stays at your desired temperature for long and you can save hundreds of rupees in electricity bill. 5 Amazing Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows 2

Reduce carbon footprint with double glazed window

Quiet days: Noises like dogs barking, street brawls and traffic can be extremely disturbing during the day. With double glazed windows, you can insulate your room and isolate yourself from these noises. Warm nights: With winters setting in, these windows can also help keep you warm inside your room, as the air trapped between the glasses doesn’t let the heat pass through it or doesn’t allow cold from outside come in. Low electricity bills: A major chunk of your electricity bill goes in heating during winters. With these windows in place you need not heat your room again and again and you can easily save on your electricity bills. Enhanced security: Double glazed doors and windows are highly robust in comparison to their single glazed counterparts. Using modern double glazed windows with multi point locking technology, you can improve your window security. Increase your property's value: Double glazed windows are trendy and energy efficient, which makes your home eco-friendly by reducing its carbon footprint. With a lower electricity bill and stylish looks, your property is definitely going to attract more buyers. Getting The Most Out Of Your Double Glazed Windows For best performance with double glazed windows, look out for the following:

  • Look for thermally broken frames instead of standard aluminium frames as they reduce heat loss by 20%
  • Look for glass with low emissivity coating as it reduces heat loss by 30%
  • Use multiple layers of seals to improve insulation
  • Always look for inert gas filling between the gap
  • Look out for energy star ratings while buying windows

Choosing The Best Replacement For Your Home Before you replace your existing windows, do watch out for the various styles and colors for double glazed windows available in the market. Although some triple glazed variants are also available in the market, they are suitable for extreme climates and not needed in the Indian climate.


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