Smart Home Technology For A Better Future Aug 07, 2015 By  Fenesta

Smart Home Technology For A Better Future

Smarts Home Technology for a Better Future

Right from earlier days to the microwave era - we have come a long way. Ours is a world dominated by technology where each day, we strive to make life much easier. Slowly and steadily these developmental changes are entering our homes, making them smart places to live. There are a plethora of gadgets that align with our lifestyle and raise the bar of our living standards, thereby making life convenient. And by the virtue of being eco-friendly in their operation, a lot of these technologies also encourage sustainable living.

Cost-Efficient Light Option - LEDs

Smart living is all about efficiency, and no one does the job better than LED lights. Dimming the future for age-old incandescent bulbs, they are the smart buyer’s choice. In comparison to the 1200 hours lifespan of a traditional bulb, an LED Light’s lifespan is 50,000 hours. Additionally, an LED bulb results in over 60% savings in power bills. Now they might be a little heavy on your pocket, but their exceptionally long operational lifespan more than compensates for it. Moreover, they emit less heat and operate in a low voltage band meaning it is safer to touch them.

Home Automation is the New Operational Head

A flurry of smart home technologies has made our lives easier. Convenient living has become the word of the day. Home automation is one such feature that gives us the leisure of sitting back and managing so many things at once. It involves electronic control of many household features like controlling the thermostat in your home, securing the locks, aligning smart devices and remotely managing your home’s security system.

At present, many urban dwellers are getting ‘home automation systems’ installed in their homes to make their life less tedious.


UPVC Windows are the New Masters

These have become a household favourite thanks to their highly functional nature. Offering immaculate protection against dust, rain, noise and pollution, they beat the conventional windows with relative ease. They are easy to fit, ensure longevity and also promise noise-cancellation. And when it comes to high quality UPVC windows, key players like Fenesta bring you customized uPVC windows that do not only address the needs of a modern home, they also add a distinct character to a home’s interiors and exteriors.

Solar Panels for a Greener World

Smart living is not just about spending on your household items wisely, but also about ensuring judicious use of resources like electricity. This is why a shift towards using solar panels is growing by the day. This can be attributed not just to the increased awareness towards an eco-friendly nation but also because solar panels are much more accessible and comparatively affordable these days.


Water-Saving Bath Fixtures

Usage of that old-style high pressure shower heads means wasting more gallons of water per minute. This is why switching to low-flow shower heads makes for a pragmatic choice. A conventional shower head has a flow rate of 3.8 gallons per minute. In comparison, the flow rate comes down to 2.5 gallons per minute in low-flow shower heads.

It is evident that low-flow shower heads lessen the amount of water used by you per minute, thereby saving this precious natural resource. The same goes for your toilet flushes. You can go for low pressure flushes or dual ones- that have low-flush button for liquid waste and high-flush button for solid waste.

We are sure you’ve heard of the phrase, “Be the change you want to see”. In context of smart and eco-friendly living, that change starts at home.


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It is advisable to have the main entrance of your house facing either the north, east, or northeast direction.


According to Vastu principles, it is recommended to have an even number of windows and doors in your house, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. However, the number 10 should be avoided.