Office Plants Boost Productivity, Try it Out! Jan 21, 2019 By  Fenesta

Office Plants Boost Productivity, Try it Out!

Is your workplace setup dull and dry with minimalist furniture? Here is what you should try. Add a plant to your office desk. It will not only boost your happiness quotient, wellness and productivity by 15% but will purify the air around you.

Plants in a working environment are conducive in increasing the concentration and productivity levels of an individual. They leave a therapeutic impact on your mind, body and soul while you are at work.

Reasons Why you should Keep Plants at your Workspace:

  • 1. Increases attentiveness
  • 2. Energizes you
  • 3. Increases productivity by 15%
  • 4. Lowers anxiety and stress
  • 5. Increases job satisfaction
  • 6. Improves attendance
  • 7. Lowers blood pressure
  • 8. Uplifts Mood

While you decide to keep a plant, it's important to know what the best plant for your desk is.

Pick the right plants for your workspace, which require minimal maintenance and do not occupy a lot of space. A plant should be more or less half feet tall. Selection of a plant should be based on the following criteria:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Air Purifier
  • Beautification

5 Best Office Desk Plants are:

1. Philodendron - CO2 levels are higher in the workplace, adding this plant as an air cleanser will boost your productivity.


2. Peace Lily - They love the shade, it will still grow even if you don’t have a window seat in the office. It’s a low maintenance plant; however, keep the soil moist for it to grow healthy. It’s also called a meditation plant.

peace lily

3. Lucky Bamboo - This is a good luck bamboo plant. It is said to bring wealth, prosperity and favorable conditions in your office and home. They grow well under artificial light; however, it requires the water to be changed at regular intervals (Once a week).

lucky bamboo

4. Jade Plant - A succulent plant with small flowers, it requires minimal care. As per the legends, it is said to bring financial success, so it’s perfect to have in your office.


5. Cactus - They will surely enhance the beauty of your desk. They need ample sunlight but less water. Keep them by the window and wait for the flower to bloom.


Share your stories about which plants occupy a place on your office desk and why?



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