5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Nest Jan 30, 2019 By  Fenesta

5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Nest

Feng Shui is like magic; just a few small changes can do wonders for you. It offers easy and practical tips to improve your life. Now is the time to make these small changes in your home or office and attract health, wealth, happiness & prosperity for yourself and your loved ones.

Tip #1 - Decorate with Water Fountain/Aquarium - Place the Feng Shui water fountain or an aquarium in the Southwest corner of your home or near the entrance door facing inwards. It will activate the wealth zone in your home.

In case of an aquarium, have 8 red fish and 1 black. This attracts positive chi energy in the house.

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Tip #2 - Decorate with Mirror - Mirrors are very powerful Feng Shui cures as they bring energy from the water element, so it’s important to use it wisely in the house. If you are surrounded by stress and chaos at home or work, adding a mirror to the décor will bring positive energy and calmness.

Use the mirror in North, East or Southeast areas of your space. Hang it in the dining area so that it reflects the dining table, it’s an old remedy to increase finances.

Remove mirrors from the bedroom if any. The mirror reflecting the bed is said to create marital discord and infidelity. If you are unable to remove the mirror cover it up.


  Tip # 3 - Keep the Bathroom Door and Toilet Lid Closed - Water goes out of the home through the toilet. Since water is related to wealth, you would not want the money to be flushed out through this outlet. Hence, it’s recommended to keep the bathroom UPVC door and toilet lid shut when not in use.

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Tip # 4 - Cover up the Electronics - Electronics emit radiation be it a TV, Wi-Fi, Computer etc. These active energies disrupt the calm and quiet energy while you are sleeping and thus hamper the positive energy in the house. Cover them up with a scarf or a cloth.

Tip #5 - Decorate with Plants - Any area in the home which has a gap between the ceiling and the cabinet has dead energy which will hold you back in your life. Free flow of Chi energy is a must. To avoid this, use Feng Shui solutions like plants or lights to decorate that area.

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