Iron Gate At Your House? Here's How You Can Take Care Of It Jan 10, 2016 By  Fenesta

Iron Gate At Your House? Here's How You Can Take Care Of It

There are a range of iron gate designs available in the market and these double as attractive options for house doors. But in order to maintain their attractiveness and their functionality, it is important to take proper care of these gates. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your iron gates in good shape:

  • Preventive care is of paramount importance in the case of iron gates. Iron fences and gates have a tendency of rusting when exposed to rain and even humidity. To avoid this damage, it is advised to apply a protective coat of wax to the gate to avoid any kind of rust.
  • To keep it clean and shining, use warm water and dish detergent and then let it dry completely.
  • Before kick starting the repairs, it is necessary to first assess the condition of the gate in order to ascertain the degree of intervention, if any, required.  The solution and the maintenance methods that need to be applied, depends on that.
  • Painting an iron gate is another great way of warding off any kind of damage to the gate. Paint has the ability of creating a barrier between the iron and the air, which minimizes oxidation and in turn reduces the chances of rusting.
  • Immediate actions to repair rust spots is necessary, so that it does not spread to other areas of the gate and the damage is minimum. You can use steel wool to remove the rust and then further stop the corrosion by applying wax to the gate. Checking for any chipping of paint and a bit of a touch up can also reduce the chances of the rust spreading to other parts.

So, mark these tips and take good care of your iron gates and house doors.


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