How To: Creating a Backyard Getaway Mar 09, 2016 By  Fenesta

How To: Creating a Backyard Getaway

Having a backyard to dress up and get creative with is an exciting proposition. Depending upon the kind of space and resources available, there is a lot that can be done to create a perfect getaway to hang out and spend time in. Whether it's a deck that you'd like to do up, or a patio that can be refurbished, the options are varied and need to be chosen based on personal style preference and requirements. Everyone has different tastes, for e.g. some people might like French doors in living rooms, others prefer windows, similarly, when it comes to a backyard too, individual tastes come into play. One of the first things to do however is to put in comfortable furniture. Outdoor furniture that is comfortable can be a great option. Alternatively, a big couch and some beanbags thrown in can do the job. The idea is to create an inviting space. Let's say, you have French doors in living room that open into the backyard. By using furniture that gels with the living room decor you can create a space that flows from inside out. Throw in some big cushions, and some outdoor plants and you have a great backyard ready to be enjoyed. In summer, just as a mosquito mesh for windows is a must, for the backyard too, it makes sense to have some anti-repellent device installed. While the mosquito mesh prevents the bugs from getting in via windows, the repellent will just make life easier when hanging out in the outdoors. An additional option can be to install a grill or a barbeque, or even creating a mini kitchen if one likes entertaining. It also works well to create shady spots by making use of umbrellas and retractable awnings, just for protection if the sun gets too strong. The ideas are abundant and execution is easy enough too. Follow the tips above and get one step closer to getting the backyard of your dreams today!


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