Can uPVC Doors Work In Hotels? Mar 09, 2016 By  Fenesta

Can uPVC Doors Work In Hotels?

UPVC (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) doors are a very popular choice as home doors. The reason for this is some of the major advantages that they offer especially in terms of strength, durability and energy conservation point of view. Most of these benefits above are extremely tangible from the point of view of individual homeowners. When we talk about hotel doors though or ask the question of whether UPVC doors can work in hotels, the considerations are different. For all practical purposes there is no reason why UPVC doors cannot work in hotels. Whether in the form of a panel door or any other kind of design chosen, a UPVC door will bring forth the same advantages in a hotel setting that it does in a home. Starting from the wide range of designs to choose from, something that works very well from decor point of view, to other pros like the ability to reduce noise so that the guests can thrive in a peaceful environment, and additional security that these doors provide, make them a good choice even for hotels. Also, when we consider the fact hotel doors, especially in the lobby or high traffic area will experience more wear and tear and in that sense the durability that UPVC doors offer is highly desirable. Letting in enough natural light to provide an open, fluid atmosphere that is energy efficient is the other feature of UPVC doors. Plus, these doors are trendy and contemporary, both features that work well in hotelier settings. A panel door or a glass door with a UPVC frame both can make ideal choices depending upon the rest of the decor of the hotel. Because there is such a variety to choose from, there is something to suit every style. For you, this is a no-questions-asked investment, especially if you want your clients returning regularly and without any grievances. Call Fenesta today to see how you can get started.


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