Go Green This Festive Season: Switch To Green Windows Oct 28, 2016 By  Fenesta

Go Green This Festive Season: Switch To Green Windows

Make your home eco-friendly with green windows

Green windows are a socially responsible option

Windows do more than just offer a view of the outside world. Without them, it would be impossible to get natural light inside the house. As beneficial as windows are, there are also some which are not as efficient as they should be. By installing the windows which are not eco-friendly or energy-efficient, you are losing out. So, what are these 'green windows?'. Green, or eco-friendly, windows maintain the balance of energy transfer in your home and are hence also called 'Energy Saving Windows'. They also offer other benefits: They Will Reduce Your Electricity Bill A festival is the perfect time to install green windows in your home. Green windows are built using energy efficient frames and glasses. UPVC, a new-age alternative to Aluminium, is an ideal choice for making an energy efficient frame. Its low-u value makes it a natural insulator of heat and the transfer of heat gets further restricted by the air-tight seals of the UPVC frame and the multiple chambers inside it. Low-E glass also helps improve windows’ energy efficiency considerably. This revolutionary glass acts as a good reflector of heat and doesn’t let outside heat in. You can club multiple glasses to achieve double or triple glazing for further heat loss prevention. This construction insulates your home from external temperature and improves your energy rating. Conversely, if you choose windows which are not green, they may result in extensive heat loss. This affects the electricity consumption in your home. With a green window, you make a smart choice. They Protect You From UV-Rays And Noise Pollution Apart from low energy consumption, there are many other benefits of installing green windows. A green window is typically any window which protects your home from external environmental hazards, e.g., tinted windows and soundproof windows. A combination of these two is even better. During festivals, when we are exposed to a tremendous amount of noise and air pollution thanks to the loud speakers and fire crackers, green windows can act as a boon. By shielding yourself and your family from these environmental hazards, you improve the quality of your health. They Are Made From Recyclable Material Since they are made from recyclable material, these windows contribute towards the conservation of natural resources. This feature makes them even more appealing and a must-have in every traditional or contemporary home. By installing green windows, you are not only conserving energy in your own house but also in the world. UPVC is a recyclable material and a very poor conductor of heat. It is also extremely durable and requires lower maintenance. All these qualities make UPVC one of the most leading materials used in the construction of green windows. If you are planning for green windows this festive season, do opt for UPVC windows. They Are Economical And Attractive Green windows might look a bit expensive at the time of purchase but considering its benefit of energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance, it would be your best return on investment in the longer run.. They also look extremely appealing and are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, with their superior insulation, they ensure good savings on your electricity bills. The next time you think about refurbishing your house, do think about green windows, such as the ones provided by Fenesta.


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