Five Reasons Why People Replace House Windows Feb 19, 2020 By  Fenesta

Five Reasons Why People Replace House Windows

Everybody loves to keep their homes up to date by renovating them now and then. Being a homeowner, it is quite normal for one to wish to keep up with the latest trends; and this is why people usually change the furniture, wall paints, and other aspects of their home.

People can redo the wall paint when it starts to fade or chip off, buy new bed sheets when they get old, get new cushions when the old ones get dirty or get a new sofa when the older one breaks; but what about the house windows? When is the right time to change them? Most people don’t plan on window replacement for a long-long time; even when they think about a renovation for their home. Homeowners are always a bit reluctant when it comes to changing the windows and some even completely ignore the matter till the time they break. Windows form a very important part of your house. Here are five reasons why people should consider a window replacement for their home:

1. Improves the Overall Look of Your House

Overall Look of Your House- Fenesta Windows are an integral part of your house and they play a very important role in improving the overall aesthetic value of the home. Windows serve their purpose for a long time but can start looking faded after a while. In recent times, homeowners have started opting for uPVC windows to not only make their house look better but also for the numerous benefits they offer. uPVC windows are also available in a range of colours, styles, and designs, so you can simply check out bay window or glass to glass window designs and instantly spruce up the look of your home.

2. Furniture Starts to Fade

One of the more prominent reasons why homeowners opt to replace their windows is the deterioration of their furniture. When house windows get old, they start allowing the UV rays to enter the house. These rays are harmful for the interiors as well as furniture. So, if you observe that something like this has started happening in your house; you need to get your windows changed. Ideally, people choose to install a low-emissivity glass window coating that prevents these rays from coming in.

3. When the Window Does not Function Smoothly

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When a window has been installed for years, it is normal for it to stop functioning properly. Older windows may have problems in opening and closing them, which can even result in breaking the glass or other components of the window. This can happen when the hardware is broken, glazing seals are lost, or the frames rot away. In this scenario, fixing the window may not be the best option; rather one should get their home windows replaced. Also, at times, you can face problems where your window rattles or slams shut. In this case as well, you should start looking at a new window design to replace the older window at your home with a new one.

4. When You Hear Too Much Outside Noise

If you live in a house that is located on or near a busy street, you need to have soundproof glass that obstructs external noise, which was not a feature that was common in older windows. If there is an infant or older member in your family, getting a soundproof glass becomes even more important. If your window is letting noise inside it means it is time to get new windows for the house.

5. When the Maintenance Costs Increase

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When it comes to older windows designs, there is always going to be a need to spend time and money on their maintenance. As the house windows get older, the expense to keep them presentable and clean also increases. At one point, maintaining an older window no longer seems feasible. If you are planning on reducing this expense, you should opt for uPVC windows for your house. They are not just long-lasting but also require very less maintenance and are available in a huge range of styles.

It is a well-established fact that the windows play an important role when it comes to making your house appear more presentable. So, when it comes to renovations or if you are facing issues with old windows, you should start looking at modern window designs that offer insulation properties, are low-maintenance, and available in a range of styles.


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