Design Ideas: Capturing Changing Seasons at Your Bay Window Feb 01, 2015 By  Fenesta

Design Ideas: Capturing Changing Seasons at Your Bay Window

Adding a bay window to your bedroom or living room is an excellent option, both in terms of design and practicality. Bay windows offer a number of benefits. If you are thinking of a new -Decorate Home Project, it is definitely worth it's while to consider putting a bay window in.

Whether you live in a standalone home or in an apartment in a building, bay windows can help in creating an illusion of space by making the room look bigger than it is. Because the window protrudes towards the outside, it gives the room a natural extension or better put- a new dimension.

This segregated space that the bay window area creates can be used in a number of ways to improve the design aesthetics of the room. As part of your project to decorate your home, if you add the window to your bedroom, there is the option of creating a cozy cove by adding colorful oversized pillows, low seating and comfy accessories.

This space can be ideal for anything- for enjoying the different seasons, for curling up and reading a book or an intimate chat session with a friend.

If the window is added to a living room, the new area created can be used as a design expression by adding appropriate furniture and decorating items such as photo frames, vases or knick-knacks.

Apart from the design point of view, bay windows also offer other advantages such as comparatively better light penetration which leads to brighter rooms and can help in energy efficiency and also better air circulation. In spite of the fact that typically only the two angle side windows open, just the fact that they are bigger and the air streams in from both directions is helpful.

Take up a renovation project today and choose a window that matches your style!


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