Creating a Safe Nursery for Your Newborn Mar 07, 2016 By  Fenesta

Creating a Safe Nursery for Your Newborn

Having a baby is one of the best experiences for every parent and they always want to ensure their baby gets the best of comforts. It is often observed that most parents focus more into the nursery makeup and play toys rather than on the safety aspects of its occupant.


It is not just the baby's utilities that need to be chosen carefully but the colors, furniture, fabric and toys also. If you are bowled with the dearth of nursery decorating options and you don`t know where to start, here are a few essentials that you could consider keeping the baby's safety and comfort in mind:

  • Bed: While one can opt for a bassinet, cradle or crib, the crib is the safest of them all. The reason being baby grow out of their infancy and it`s only a matter of time that they begin rolling and moving. As such bassinets or cradles can be risky since they are not grounded and stable and the baby could just fall off. However, if you are consumed and loyal about the bassinet or the cradle ensure that the former has a sturdy base and the latter does not swing beyond a few inches.
  • Changing table: This forms one of the most vital furniture for a nursery and one of the most used. Of the many designs available in the market the best one to choose would be a changing table atop a cabinet so that you can keep the baby essentials handy and reachable. You could also get a safety strap installed on the changing table to keep your baby from falling while you reach out for essentials.
  • Lighting: Babies sleep most of the time during the day. To ensure they have a comfortable sleep while the sun shines, use room darkening shades or tinted glasses on windows. For the midnights, opt for a dimmer above the changing table.
  • Colors: Till the age of about 9 months babies can not see colors and designs which are subtle. So plan your nursery walls accordingly. Opting for bright colors is the best. Note that the paints you use should be emission free and safe for your baby.
  • Toys: A lot of concentration goes into the baby's toys so it's understood that the choice of toys don't need to be spoken about. However, ensure that all toys that are made of anything but fabric are hung so that they are out of the baby's reach. The soft toys though can be placed within the baby's access but again don't overdo it since it might just become intimidating for the newborn.


No one can care for a baby more than his/ her parents and thus it goes without saying that everything that they will do, will be in the best interest of the baby. Therefore, do everything for your baby`s nursery that you`ve always wanted to but keep in mind his/ her safety in all the choices you make. Have more design ideas to share? Post them to us; we`d love to hear from you!


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