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8 Tricks to Organize Your Kitchen

“Less is more” - How to preserve that extra square footage in your kitchen ?

When space is a constraint to organize your kitchen, make every inch count. You don’t have to shell out to get a beautiful organized kitchen. The storage solutions will make your kitchen clutter free and storage rich.

Here are some sneaky tricks to organize your kitchen:

1. Rethink Before Buying an Item

That would take up counter space. Use magnetic strip to hold knives, hang pots and pans from the ceiling or make a cabinet in your reachable height above the gas counter or on the side for pots and pans.

Magnetic strip for Knives

Magnetic strip for Knives Image credit – bhg.com

Organized Counter Top

Organized counter top Image credit – ghk.com

2. Go Vertical in Kitchen

Vertical space will maximize and multiply your available limited area giving more storage. Make storage cabinets above the kitchen door; under sink cabinets and unused spaces.

vertical storage

Image Credit: kitchnn.com

3. Utilize Hidden Spaces in Kitchen

Store maximum with organizational inserts. Use pullout racks, tray dividers, spice racks, cutlery organizer, folding cupboard racks, storage stack sets. These set ups are cabinet superstars, which consume less space and organize the clutter even in the cabinets and drawers.

Smart Storage

4. Paint it Neutral

When the kitchen is small, look for neutral colors like white, beige, cream to make it look bigger and spacious. Darker hue will make it look cramped and smaller in size.

5. Remodel Stationary Storage

Use them as stacker on the sink. Cleaning solutions, sponge and other sink related items can be stored in this .It will make the area around sink clutter free and spacious. Hang them below the sink area. If you have a covered sink cabinet, then it’s a great place to use for dustbin bags, extra kitchen rolls, tissue paper etc. This multipurpose sink storage should be adjustable to optimize maximum space utility. Attach the dustbin to the counter door to optimize space.


Reuse the stationary item for Kitchen Image Credit: homeadeginger.com

Storage Sink

Multipurpose sink storage space

6. Activate Corners

Make most out of the corners in the kitchen. The biggest advantage is corner drawers contribute to extra space and increased depth to the cabinet or drawers. This multipurpose corner can be used for various items, which needs storage like stacking monthly grocery, cookery books or the extras, which is adding up to the clutter or crockery .It is wise to plan the purpose of the corner in advance for optimum utilization with planning This wicked corner if used well is a boon to the kitchen.


Corner in a Kitchen does the Trick

7. Enclose it in Baskets

Baskets and boxes will add up to a good container system for your kitchen. It will keep flours, tins and other large items compact and hidden. Organize it better by using nametags for each basket to establish a well-coordinated kitchen.

Basket - Fenesta

Space Organizer for small kitchen - Baskets

8. Hang up to Create Space

Tension rods are problem solver organizer for various items in kitchen. Utensils with lids squander space and create chaos, hang tension rods in cabinet uPVC door and place uneven lids, tight space under the sink with cleaning solution bottles takes ample space – hang the bottles on tension rod and create space under sink, Hang cups on it with hooks, they also make a stylish herb garden by the window in your kitchen.

Lids with Tension rod

Make space for Lids with Tension rod Image credit: Joy in every season

Hang up the bottles

Hang up the bottles to make space

Herb Garden

Herb Garden in the kitchen

Useful 8 tricks in creating that extra space you were longing for quite some time in an organized manner. Pledge it with me to make your space –clutter free.

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