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5 Vastu Tips for Good Fortune in 2023

The theory of  Vastu revolves around solar and celestial energies and the balancing act of these energies is said to bring peace and success to you and your family.

The universe comprises of 5 elements – air, water, earth, fire and space and the use of these elements in a balanced fashion at home or in your personal life has immense benefits.


So, if you are building a new home or renovating your old one, few points of Vastu should be kept in consideration.

Check out 5 Vastu directions for Indian homes:

(1) Entrance Door – the most favorable direction for the house entrance is East. The sun rises in the East, so having an East facing entrance brings the sun’s positive energy into the house. If you are constructing a new home, place the entrance door towards the East.

If you are renovating your home and the entrance door is not facing East, opt to open or create a large window option in the East direction as per Vastu.

(2) Bedroom – this space provides privacy and relaxation. It’s important that the position of the bed is such that you gain sound sleep and regain energy for the next day. As per bedroom Vastu, the following points should be kept in mind:


Image Credit: myvaastu.in

  • a) Bedroom should be rectangular or square and the length: breadth ratio should be 1:2
  • b) Bed headboard should be in Southwest direction (South wall or West wall) and foot of the bed should be in North or East
  • c) Master bedroom should be bigger than other bedrooms
  • d) Choose colors like rose, grey, brown or green for bedroom walls
  • e) Bed should not be placed under the beam

(3) Kitchen - Vastu of the kitchen is important as it represents the “Fire” element. The best location to place a kitchen is Southeast corner in the home. You should cook facing the East direction. By doing so, the family health and peace of mind increases. If this direction is not favoring your current apartment, the other option could be the Northwest corner. Avoid Northeast corner of the house as it leads to quarrels, misunderstanding and increased expenditures in the house. Other important aspects related to kitchen are:

  • a) Electrical appliances such as microwave, grinders etc. should be placed in Southeast corner
  • b) Sink should be in Northeast corner
  • c) Fridge/Refrigerator can be in Northwest, Southeast, South or West
  • d) Don’t place a mirror in the kitchen

Kitchen facing Southeast direction

Image Credit: askacharya.com

(4) Greens in the House – North represents the “Water” element. You can place green plants, water fountains etc. in this direction for financial gains. If you are a plant lover, avoid white sap producing plants and thorny plants – except rose. Thorny plants give rise to tension at home. To increase harmony at home use vastu friendly plants like money plant, peace lily and bamboo.

Money plant

Vastu friendly plant - Money plant

(5) Bathroom – Favorable direction of bathroom is northwest. Remember South sided bathrooms have an adverse effect on the health of female members. As already mentioned, the North represents the water element, so bathroom fixtures (taps, showers) should be fixed in the North direction. Bathtubs and washbasins should be placed in North, East, or Northeast directions. Geysers and other electrical points should be installed in the Southeast corner of the bathroom.

Bathroom in Northwest

Image Credit: thegridinterior.com


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