5 Uses of Meshwork in Your Home Sep 01, 2016 By  Fenesta

5 Uses of Meshwork in Your Home

These types of durable and versatile mesh panels can complement your interiors and exteriors without much effort. So, let us discover the variety of applications where meshwork can enhance your dwellings and houses.

1.Mesh Curtain Fire Screen

Early fire screens were generally designed as flat screens to hold back hot ashes and deter children or pets from getting too close to the flames. These days, they are fabricated in the form of metallic meshes to serve the needs of safety and partition while balancing the aesthetic value of one’s home.

Most expanded durable mesh screens can be made with distinctive and attractive designs for added elegance.


Mesh fencing and cladding provide both security and visual appeal with simplicity. Both practical and stylish, it serves well as a low-maintenace boundary for most buildings.

Be it a balustrade, staircase cladding, footbridge barrier, railing, exterior partition wall, balcony, parapet, porch, gates etc., it will lend a minimalistic charm to your environ.

In addition, special types like the windbreak mesh help to dissipate wind by reducing the speed. It is used for fencing and serves as an enclosure for open structures such as nurseries, gardens, vegetable patches, crops and livestock from destructive wind, rain and snow.

3.Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the fenestrations responsible for the circulation of fresh air. Application of mesh screens on windows safeguards your home against insects and offers hassle-free privacy.

Fiberglass is the most commonly used mesh material as it does not corrode or unravel. Additionally, stainless steel and pet-resistant screens are extremely durable and have superior strength.


Ceiling - Fenesta

Flexible in design size and shape, expanded mesh ceiling panels can be used both internally and externally. They can be made from copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass or galvanized steel in a choice of finishes.

Circular, slotted, hexagon, squared-diamond patterns are some of the available types that easily adapt with the lamps and other ceiling accents. Open interspaced, mesh-ceiling panels are commonly used for ventilation and storing fire protection equipments.


Garden - Fenesta

A large-scale mesh pattern adds an interesting element to the architecture of your dwelling in both interiors and exteriors. Encompassing a variety of uses, it can serve to conceal a clutter of toiletries in the bathroom while making the space feel more open.

It may also serve as an economical and environmental gabion that can be filled with diverse stones and artifacts for low-maintenance landscaping. Wire mesh cabinet doors are also encouraged so that they can conceal spaces effectively in your pantry and hall for a striking appeal.


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