5 Signs That Your Windows Require Renovation Oct 25, 2016 By  Fenesta

5 Signs That Your Windows Require Renovation

Check for these signs which indicate you need to opt for better quality windows Homeowners often overlook the importance of having good quality windows in their homes. Poor quality windows cause daily annoyances and require regular maintenance. Take a look at the 5 signs that indicate your windows require renovation: It Gets Unbearably Hot During Summers 1

Like humans, pets also like to keep cool

India is a tropical country with one of the hottest temperatures across the globe. This calls for a suitable solution. One can opt for UPVC windows which prevent the cooled air from leaking out owing to its gap-less installation and good insulation properties, keeping your room cool hours after the AC has been switched off. In fact, these windows can help reduce your air conditioning bills as much as 20%. Water Seeps Through The Windows During Heavy Rains 2

Silicon sealant gives gap-less installation

Water can easily seep through standard windows and leave a mess inside your home. It can also damage any electrical equipment that comes in contact with water, compromising the safety of your family. One can choose windows with superior build and air-tight construction to ensure total protection against rain water seepage. Outdoor Noise That Disrupts Your Day 3

Too much noise disturbs sleep too

With the rising number of vehicles on the road and increasing traffic, there is a lot of noise and air pollution which prevents you from enjoying peace of mind. Windows with double sealing and laminated glass help reduce noise by up to 40 STC. This allows you to unwind after a long day of work and ensures that your home stays quiet and serene. Your Windows Rattle During Heavy Rains And Storm-Like Conditions 4

Rains are to be cherished

Do you live on a higher floor in a region that experiences torrential rains and wind storms? Chances are that rattling of windows could be common phenomena for you, especially if you have ordinary windows installed in your home. This could get really troublesome if you have little kids also living with you. Steel reinforced UPVC window frames have come about as a perfect solution to this problem. They come equipped with innovative features like hurricane bars that lend exceptional strength to the windows, allowing them to quietly withstand wind speeds as high as 250kmph. Installing them will help maintain a peaceful environment and provide a sense of security to your young ones and pets during bad weather. These windows are monsoon-proof and effectively block noise, dust and storms from disrupting your day-to-day life. A lot of dust and pollution is accumulated 5

All this smog goes in your body

This is a common complaint among home owners that a lot of dust and pollen gets inside the house even when the windows are closed. This may lead to heightened allergies and can cause serious conditions like asthma. The best solution is to install quality windows that are virtually gap-less, allowing your home and furniture to stay clean and also reduce day-to-day maintenance. Fenesta windows offer protection against external elements such as noise, dust, rain, and pollution.


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