5 Reasons Why Maintaining Windows and Doors is Crucial for a Happy Home May 27, 2019 By  Fenesta

5 Reasons Why Maintaining Windows and Doors is Crucial for a Happy Home

For many of us, windows and doors isn’t an area on focus when it comes to maintenance. Sure, we use them, but the truth is that we don’t pay much heed to their upkeep. In fact, many a times, an accident or a break-in is what makes us realize how important it is to pay attention to our home’s windows and doors. To further underline that ‘importance’, here are a few reasons why maintaining doors and windows are crucial for a happy home:



Everyone takes pride in the appearance of their home and it goes back as long as one can remember. In fact, homes have become an extension of “who we are”, especially windows. These are the first things your guests see when they visit you and remember first impression is incredibly important. Building a solid home is what each and every one of us wants and the appearance of our home is an outward sign that you are thriving and happy. Different types of windows like UPVC sliding sash windows and French windows can help make your house look beautiful.


Everyday, we walk in and out of our homes uncountable number of times. This requires that your home has good quality doors that won’t warp in the heat or rust in the rain. This is important because if the doors were to start sticking every time you went through one, it would become a real nuisance which might turn out expensive to fix.

Similarly, you might need to let the hot air out of your room or kitchen, or get the steam out of the bathroom. Whatever the need be, you don’t want to tasked with having to carefully open the window or hit it in just the right place to open it. In fact, we are creatures of comfort and we want things that are easy to operate.

Safety and Security



Windows and doors that rattle or shake or are loose from the hinges can easily be opened and therefore, lack security. The advantages of having windows and doors that are made specifically for your home are vast. Windows and doors that rattle and shake can lead to injury or leave your home prone to burglaries. Instead, think about the sense of security you will have when your windows and doors that are a perfect fit.


Doors and windows that are made to measure are always up to the task. What’s more, technological advances have led to modern windows and doors that keep the cold air out and warm air in and vice-versa. Since designers are well-aware about the overheating problems, many windows come with features like security ventilation brackets, which allow the air to pass through while securing the window from the intruders. For instance, there are the UPVC windows which allow different types of glazing that can be added to glass. This helps dictate whether the glass blocks heat or allows it to pass through. This also makes your home more energy efficient, meaning you save money on bills as you won’t be wasting electricity by using it for heating or cooling purposes.

Maintaining Property Value


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Most modern products come with extended warranties. This can help you maintain your home for longer periods of time without spending too much. Sometimes, this guarantee would last long after you have sold the property, so it is best that you invest in good windows and doors and reap benefits before you sell the property.

The quality of windows and doors is very important. As stated above, not only will they make your home look beautiful, they will also make it more secure and energy efficient, which only adds value to your home.


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