Why Do You Need To Sound Proof Your House Jun 11, 2019 By  Fenesta

Why Do You Need To Sound Proof Your House


Life in a residential complex always comes with the added noise of your surroundings. To get the desired peace and quietness in your house, it needs sound insulation. There is a reason why people are increasingly investing in sound proof windows and triple glazed windows. (Triple glazed windows are those uPVC windows that work to minimize the noise).

It is a fact that your quality of life will essentially increase if you sound proof your house. A relaxed life is something everyone looks forward to. Therefore, it is important to invest in an appropriate system of sound proofing with the help of sound proof windows, triple glazed windows, and other sound proofing equipment.

There are plenty of reasons why we need to minimize the noise coming in through our windows and walls, and here is the complete list for you to refer to:

  • To Enhance Privacy

The first and the foremost reason to sound proof your home is to avoid voice leaks. No one wants their neighbours to listen to their private conversations. Plus, any ruckus happening around the house can be unpleasant when you are trying to relax and get some rest. So, if privacy is your concern, you can always consider investing in sound proof windows or walls in order to prevent the noise from going out and coming in.

After sound proofing your house, you would also get to conduct your day-to-day activities without disturbing your neighbours or your family members in the other room, for that matter.

  • To Increase Overall Safety and Health

Too much sound is bad both for the environment and the human body. There are numerous diseases that occur due to excessive exposure to noise/sound, such as cardiovascular disease which includes stroke, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.

Economists have long said that the cost related with the excessive exposure to noise is more than the cost involved in sound proofing your house. So, you must not think twice before soundproofing your house.

  • To Avoid Hearing Problems

If you sound proof your house, one thing’s for sure - you would have an effective method in place to prevent any future problems from occurring. It has been told in a recent study that 10% of the world’s population is exposed to undesired sound levels that lead to hearing impairment. WHO has also estimated that 1.3 billion people suffer from hearing impairment; now that is truly an alarming number. Apart from hearing loss, other health effects, such as annoyance, sleep disturbance, heart diseases, and cognitive impairment also occur due to the harmful effects of sound.

  • To Improve Quality of Life

You can say without a speck of doubt that if you install sound proof windows or take other sound proofing measures in your house, you will get a chance to enhance your life. Not only this, you will get to improve your sleep. Also, residents that have a lot of exposure to sounds from the nearby areas have trouble concentrating, especially students who have to study on a daily basis.

  • To Ensure Comfort in your Own Home

To create a comfortable living environment in your home, you would need to invest in sound proofing equipment. You must consider soundproofing to carry out daily activities without much trouble and have a good night’s sleep.

Some people also need to sound proof the room if they use it as a recording studio. The reasons may differ from person to person, but the above reasons are common to each and every one of us. Hence, to keep the surrounding bustle at bay, sound proofing is pertinent.


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