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What You Should Know When Buying Double Glazed uPVC Windows

Double-glazed uPVC windows, owing to their practical design and multiple benefits, have garnered immense popularity over the years. In terms of their construction, these windows are made with two panes of glass and an inert gas such as krypton or argon is introduced between the two panes. The gas offers insulation and decreases the transmission of heat and noise. Double-glazed uPVC windows contribute to an energy-efficient home and help lower your electricity bills. You can also choose from among different styles and colours for your windows to make sure they are perfectly suited for your home.

Double-glazed uPVC windows promise an incredible performance, but if you are still on the fence about choosing them for your home, let us help provide you with the clarity you need: -

Features and Benefits of Double-Glazed uPVC Windows

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Double-glazed uPVC windows deliver consistent performance and are very durable. They not only add to the aesthetics of a space but also require very little maintenance. The best features and benefits of double-glazed uPVC windows have been listed below: -

1 Fosters a Quiet Environment

Noises such as those of moving traffic or the barking of dogs can cause extreme disturbances during the day. One can insulate their home and isolate themselves from these noises with the help of double-glazed uPVC windows.

2 Lowers Your Electricity Bills

The gap that’s in between the two panes of the double-glazed uPVC window is extremely tiny and prevents the circulation of air, which in turn prevents heat transfer by convection. This, in turn, helps ensure that your room remains at desired temperatures for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the need for constant air conditioning. In addition to that, these windows allow more natural light into the house, further contributing to lower consumption of power.

3 Warmer Nights

During winters, these windows will help keep your room warm. The trapped air between the glass panes does not allow the cold from outside to come in nor does it allow the heat inside to pass through. Similarly, in the summer months, these windows can help keep the house cooler.

4 Improved Security

Doubled-glazed windows are a lot more robust as compared to their single glazed counterparts. They come with multipoint locking technology which enhances the safety of your home.

5 Weather Resistant

Double-glazed uPVC windows are weather resistant and completely waterproof. Therefore, getting these windows installed can prove to be extremely advantageous for people living in severe wet weather conditions or close to the sea.

6 Helps Increase the Value of a Property

Double-glazed uPVC windows give your home a stylish look. These windows are energy efficient and make your house a lot more environment-friendly by helping decrease its carbon footprint. With a stylish look and lower electricity bills, your property is definitely going to be appealing to numerous buyers in case you ever want to sell.

Important Things to Know before Buying Double-Glazed uPVC Windows

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If you want the best performance from your double-glazed uPVC windows, there are certain things that you must look for, such as: -

1 Don’t Forget the Inert Gas That Fills the Gap

High-quality variants of double-glazed uPVC windows introduce a combination of low emissivity coating and inert gas between the panes. Such a combination can significantly decrease the transmission of both sound and heat.

When you choose a double-glazed window with Argon gas filled in the gap, it is crucial to ensure that the seals on the glazing are of superior quality to prevent any leakage. Moreover, it is important to check that they do not get damaged at the time of installation or the gas may leak out. Hence, it is of prime importance that you trust only a reputed uPVC window manufacturer. By doing that, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the best double-glazed uPVC windows installed at your home.

2 Consider the Extras for Your Double-Glazed Windows

Beyond the window itself, the colour and handles are also important for the overall look and appeal of the fixtures.

Colour Options: Some companies offer windows in a finish of your choice. This helps match the windows to the décor of your home. Handles: Various companies offer handles in a variety of colours, designs, and finishes. Traditional, rustic, modern, minimal, or whatever takes your fancy, you can choose the one you like best from the many available handle styles. The availability of different handle designs makes it even easier to ensure that your new window matches the décor of your home and flaunts your signature style perfectly.

3 Choose a Company with Trained Installation Experts

If windows are poorly fit or improperly installed, you will not be able to enjoy the many benefits they have to offer. So, when you decide to get double-glazed uPVC windows installed in your home, make sure that you go for a reputed and reliable window manufacturer. It is important that the company employs a team of trained professionals who know all there is to know about installing windows. At the same time, they should be well-experienced in working in different homes of different sizes, shapes, and styles so that the installation is done properly.

4 Other Aspects to Look Out For

Check the following aspects as well to get the best out of the double-glazed uPVC windows you are planning to get installed:

  • Choose a glass with low emissivity coating as it helps decrease heat loss by 30%
  • Opt for multiple layers of seals to enhance the window’s insulation
  • Check the energy star ratings of the windows
  • Triple-glazed uPVC windows are quite similar to double-glazed windows, except that they include three panes of glass instead of two. If you get confused between the two, remember that triple-glazed windows are suitable for regions that experience extreme climates and choose accordingly.

The several advantages that double-glazed uPVC windows offer makes them a popular choice for new as well as replacement windows. And now, you have a handy checklist to make sure you make the right decision.


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