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Make Your Windows Smarter

A look at why smart windows are the next big thing to hit the market

Every gadget is now becoming smart

From television sets to wristwatches, and washing machines to air conditioners, we live in an era where everything around us is turning ‘smart’. Smart windows are the latest addition to this list of technological wonders.

What Is A Smart Window?

A smart window or smart glass is made of suspended particle devices. These devices have a thin film laminate of nanoparticles suspended in liquid and placed between two pieces of glass or plastic.

When electricity, light or heat is applied, the transmission properties of the smart glass are altered. The suspended particles align themselves to let light pass through it. Without electricity, however, the particles are randomly aligned, blocking and absorbing all the light.

Smart windows let you control the heat and overall room temperature of a room

Armed with cutting-edge technology, smart windows have the potential to save billions of dollars on heating, cooling and lighting. Smart windows can either block all the light entering a room or adjust the brightness to suit your preference, simply by turning a knob or at the touch of a button

Why Should You Switch to Smart Windows?

Some of the advantages of switching to smart windows are:

1. Blocks the effect of the weather outside

With smart windows, control the temperature of your home interiors irrespective of the season. The adjustable light transmission property facilitates the option of blocking or allowing light and heat inside, based on the weather. It also prevents the harmful UV rays from damaging your decor.

2. Easy to operate

Smart windows can be operated using automatic photosensors, smartphone apps, knobs or light switches for easy accessibility. It replaces the traditional mechanical blinds while still preserving daytime and nighttime views. It is also easy to clean and requires low maintenance as compared to ordinary glass.

3. Helps in energy saving

Smart windows offer insulation from the heat or cold outside, thereby reducing the dependence on air conditioners or heaters. While smart windows operate on batteries, direct power supply or solar energy, the energy consumed for its functioning is significantly lesser than the energy required for air conditioners or heaters. This helps you to save on your energy bills.

4. Provides privacy

The tinted glass of uPVC windows ensures privacy, whether it is during a personal meeting or for some quiet family time. This also means that there is no need to spend additionally on curtains or blinds for your home or office.

The Future of Smart Windows

Smart windows could soon function on wind energy

Today, sustainable development is a necessity, not an option. One might argue that smart windows use non-renewable power such as electricity for their functioning. However, with the ongoing research and development, smart windows are on the path to being powered by natural sources such as wind energy and precipitation.

Now, the only task that remains is to make smart windows economically viable for every household. Although the market for this product is currently limited, it is expected to be valued at $700 million by 2024.

The small choices that we make for our buildings can go a long way in environmental conservation. As the saying goes, little drops of water make the mighty ocean.


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