How to Make Windows and Doors Soundproof? Sep 21, 2020 By  Fenesta

How to Make Windows and Doors Soundproof?

We live in a chaotic world and that is why we are always in search of some peace and quiet. Noise from traffic, neighbors, railway lines, pubs, loudspeakers, aircraft's, and even thunder (during the monsoon season) can hamper the calm we seek, especially at a time when all we want is a good night’s sleep.

The windows and doors in our houses are typically deemed the weakest links in terms of sound insulation. The issue gets worse when conventional windows and doors in our homes have gaps even after they have been shut. This leads to the noise seeping in which affects the serenity of our living space.

If you face a similar problem, here are some ways in which you can soundproof your windows and doors:

Use uPVC Doors and Windows for Superior Sound Proofing Soundproof

uPVC doors and windows prove to be more effective in insulating your home’s interiors from the noise outside. This makes them a preferred choice for homeowners residing near schools, busy road intersections, and markets. uPVC windows and doors are designed in a way that they have an airtight seal between the window/door and the frame. This, in turn, significantly reduces the noise level that enters your house.

Apart from being recognized for the sound insulation it provides, uPVC offers a plethora of other benefits as well. The material has proven to provide a brilliant performance and durability, making it a long-lasting option for doors and windows in numerous households and commercial establishments. A big plus about uPVC windows is that they termite proof as well.

As uPVC window and door installations ensure effective noise-cancelling in your home, it becomes a more pleasant and peaceful place to stay in. For getting uPVC windows and doors installed, only choose a reputed window and door brand that offers faultless installation, construction, and designs for uPVC windows and doors so that there are no gaps and hence no passage for the noise to get in.

Buy Thick Soundproof Curtains

One can easily get soundproof curtains in the market. Thick, large, and adding to the aesthetic appeal; these curtains work towards reducing the outside noise entering the house. Hence, by using such soundproof curtains on your windows and doors, your house remains free from outside noise to a great extent.

Install Window Shutters

Similar to blinds and curtains, window shutters also provide ample privacy to homeowners. But, they are also one of the most effective ways to not let noise enter your home. Usually, a shutter comprises of two panels which are affixed to either side of your house’s window. Say hello to a more noise free home thanks to window shutters!

For installing window shutters, you can choose between interior or exterior shutters. In the case of exterior shutters, you have to open the window in order to adjust them. If you do not wish to do something like this, then opt for interior shutters. Apart from reducing the outside noise, these shutters will also add to the look and appeal of your home.

Put a Rug in the Entryway to Soundproof Your Door noiseproof

If the door opens onto a wooden or tile floor, then there is a likelihood that the sound is bouncing off this very space and then going into the room. However, you can limit this simply by placing a rug in the entryway area. Rugs are sound absorbers and work towards dampening such sounds. The heavy ones, particularly, have the ability to absorb echoes and, in turn, help in decreasing the impact of sound. You can always go for an extra thick rug crafted from polypropylene fibres which add strength and durability to it.

Cover Your Windows with Soundproof Blankets 5

Another thing that you can try to soundproof your windows is to cover them with soundproof blankets. They work towards decreasing the noise coming in from the windows. Although they do not fully cancel the noise leakage, they still serve as great options to soundproof your windows.

Soundproof windows and doors contribute to a noise-free environment within your home and instantly make it a much calmer place to be in. Also, today, it is highly important to go for storm proof doors and windows. Thanks to their sturdiness and well-fitting designs, they help eliminate the rattling of the frames and the whistle sounds caused by winds. This leads to a quieter environment inside your home even when there is a storm coming outside, especially in the monsoon season.

Nifty and easy, these tips will have a perceivable effect in soundproofing your home. All that you need it a little time and effort, and some smart procurement!


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